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Hurricane, WV, US

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the daisy


Jo-El Gerber

In summer the daisy blooms
Beautiful petals of white or different colors in sight
In summer the daisy blooms full of color, and of beauty
So search the woods search the fields and you'll find
The daisy full of myrth.

Hopefully, over summer we will find
Each other in the valley with the daisy
The daisy is here with all the others
Yet sticks out like paper and glue
You are the daisy and I will find you
Wherever you are in time.



Jo-El Gerber

Beauty is something not to lose
Nor to forsake or punish
Beauty is something wonderful
Beauty is something to acknowledge.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
Which of course is you
Beauty is something not to lose or forget
Cause, beauty will always be found in you.

God was thinking of me when He made you


Jo-El Gerber

God was thinking of me when He made you
Because you had found my true charm
For, you had a heart which was strong and true
And you could do me absolutely no harm.

You have the face of an angel
Oh, how I love the way your eyes sparkle
You have the smile of a loving child
Which simply seems to drive me wild.

God was thinking of me when He made you
For thanks to you my world will never again be blue
And forever will my heart beat so true
That is because I really do love only you.

When I close my eyes at night
You're always there
You are a beautiful sight
That could chase away my fear and dry my every single tear.

He must have put a lot into making you
For you were the one that was only found in my dreams
And now I thank Him every day
But, because of you I will never be blue.

God was thinking of me when He made you
For I really don't know what I would ever do
Because without you I am surely through
Because deep down I know I really love you.

Forever with you


Jo-El Gerber

I wanna spend forever with you
I wanna settle down in love
In love I wanna always be with you
For my love for you is strong and true.

Ever since we started talking and since we met
I knew that on you my heart was set
Forever with you
This is surely true.

I don't know what to do anymore.
My heart is in control of me
For I want us to forever be
I hope that you'll say yes to spending forever with me.

I know we barely know each other
But the way I feel I never felt like this before
I love you and I know this is true
Because I wanna spend forever with you.

Even though we barely know each other,
It feels as if I always have known you
For my feelings for you are so very true
With you in my heart and life I know I'll never be blue.

Forever with you
There's nothing else I'd rather share with you
For I need you in my life
And I hope that you know how I feel when I say I wanna forever be with you because Deep down in my heart I know you feel the same.

How to tell love is pure!


Jo-El Gerber

I only love one person and that person is my world ,my heart and soul. She has always been there for me and I am truly grateful for that. Here name is Stella and she means the world to me and always will no matter what. She has a tended heart and when she told me that she loved me I knew that she ment it with all of her heart.

Who You are To Me


Jo-El Gerber

I woke up one morning
And to my surprise I saw you sitting there
In my presence after all these years that have gone by
My fate is what presides in you.

An angel has come into my life
Thanks to Heaven above
I see and talk to you
And that is who you are to me.

Who you are to me
Is someone so perfect
And the one person that I know...
I know I've waited my whole life to find.

You smiled at me
And at that moment
You managed to set my spirit free
You see it's you who's for me meant to be.

Who you are to me
Is the most special girl I've ever known
I've awaited today for a lifetime
And now I just wait for the day that I can finally call you mine.

The most beautiful horizon
I know I only will see that with you
To me you are as perfect as any dream could be
And I thank God that he made you my reality.

My prayers have finally been answered
My dreams are now coming true
My heart beats stronger than it's ever done before
And I owe that all to you.

I used to sit alone
And ponder the question
On if I'll ever find you
And now that I have it's my eyes I can't believe.

Who you are to me
Is someone that is so special
Special as can be
Now my future I can finally start because you're in my heart.

I'm praying for the day that I can talk to you again
And hear your angelic voice
For with you
Is where my heart will always remain.

I've searched this world for so long
And just when I thought
That all I had was gone
I found you and I found where I belonged.

You are my angel
Who's light embarked my darkened heart
I have always only dreamt of you
But, a miracle is who you are for me.

Why No Tears Are Falling


Jo-El Gerber

My heart should be breaking and everything I once was happy for
Doesn't seem real
It just doesn't seem to be there anymore
What is my heart's deal?

Where do I go from here
What can I do to change things
And make it go back
To how it all used to be?

I've always been told that things always change
But, I don't understand myself anymore
I am not exactly torn apart, but my heart is broken
Yet I have no clue why no tears are falling.

Right about now the depression starts
Here I sit alone and blue
Without anyone who could understand my life
For suddenly I seem stronger than what I used to be.

It's as though I'm sitting back
While watching my whole world shatter
And my dreams and my heart amount to nothing
But still no tears are falling.

In my past a lot of times
I've cried myself to sleep
Over my depressions
But, anymore it seems as though my heart just isn't there.

Perhaps I'm numb
Maybe with all that's happened it's one big nightmare
But, what if it's not
What if my eyes have finally dried up forever?

In my life I've had one dream come true
But then you left and shattered that one too
Perhaps when you left my heart left with you
And that's why now I understand why no tears are falling.

You Can Count On Me


Jo-El Gerber

You can count on me
With all that I am
I'll do my best to be right for your destiny
For, with everything I am loving you makes me a better man.

I'll hold you in my arms
And hold you near
When you need shelter
I'll be there.

You can count on me
To love you the best I can
I know that you're my meant to be
And that is just the kind of person that I am.

I'll love you more
With every beat of my heart
More than each day before
I just want to know if you can find in me a new start.

You can count on me
Never to let you down
When you feel like crying
I'll be the shoulder you can cry on.

I've never been more sincere
I've never felt as much as I have when I'm with you
I'll hold you in my arms oh so near
And to you my love will always be truer than true.

You can count on me to give you everything I can
And be the one you can run to
You can count on me to love you
I just ask can I count on you to love me too?

I've been in desperate need
For someone who cares and loves me for me
So take my heart and to treat me right please proceed
But, now I've finally realized someone won't do you're who's to be.

Feeling Complete With You


Jo-El Gerber

When I am with you I know
I know somewhere deep inside my heart
That I get this feeling...
A feeling of being complete when I'm with you.

You are the answer
To all the questions I never could answer
You are the meaning
That I've searched my whole life to find.

I'm feeeling complete and I owe that to you
You are something more to me
More than a dream come true
You make me feel complete when I'm with you.

I love you; I need you
And I couldn't imagine living one day without you
I've dreamt you into my life
And now it's you who leaves me feeling complete.

Feeling complete when I'm with you
That something that we both do
I've seen alot in my time
But, it's you that I'm happy that I can call you mine.

Dreams are something that seldom come true
But, if that be so I got shot through the heart
And you my dear are the arrow who pierced my flesh and brought forth all these wonderful emotions. You see me in a way that no other has ever seen You give me hope when I'm feeling down, and you tell me that you love me even when everyone or no one is around.

I at one time was lost
Thanks to you I am found
You showed me the road to travel on
When all the hope I had was gone.

Open Your Eyes


Jo-El Gerber

When I close my eyes at night
I imagine you're here with me
Because it's always been with you
That I felt so right.

Open your eyes and there you'll see
The woman who you are is who you'll always be
You are my angel who has stolen my heart
Ever since that day that we met four years ago.

I wonder if at times you ever dream of me
For I know that each time I close my eyes
I'll see where I belong
Because with you I have a love that is so strong.

Do you ever think of me
Like I think of you
Do you ever reach out for me
Like I will remain to reach out for you.

Again Last Night


Jo-El Gerber

Again last night I seen you by my side
I seen the angel who's been there for me through it all
You are the girl who stole my heart
And you did it again last night.

I seen you across the room
Walked up to you and held you tight
I noticed a feeling that when I did
I knew that forever you and me is what was so right.

Again last night I can't imagine my life without you
The moment of all honesty came my way
When something deep was what you had to say
Then you said goodbye and broke my heart and walked away.

No More Games


Jo-El Gerber

I'm tired of always hurting myself
Emotionally, I don't know how much more of this I can take
The greatest gift that was given to me
Was the chance to have you as a friend.

I can't believe what I left behind
Even though in my life you aren't anymore
In my heart and memories and in my soul
Is where you will always remain.

A part of me will always be with you
For you showed me the person
That I always tried to be
And you touched me in ways that won't ever go unshown.

Why all these puzzles
When I know you're the missing link
Between me and my happiness
No more games I just wanna be your friend once more.

I won't let you down
I never thought I would feel so strongly about someone
But, when you were around I knew in my heart
That my life first begun.

No more games
No more cards up my sleave
No more hide and seek
Open your eyes and my love you will see.

You're more to me
Than anyone could ever be
I opened my heart to you
I just can't believe you set it free.

I dreamed you into my life
I've prayed so many nights that I'd find you
And there you were in my life all those years ago
I never thought to you my heart would show.

I want to be something more to you
Than just a distant memory
Having you around in my life
Always seemed to bring out the best in me.

No more games to play
I just wanna hold you tight
And even though I might not find the right words to say
I would always be there for you and I will always treat you right.

In my eyes my arms have held you
A thousand times before
I just wanna love you
And give you my heart forever more.

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Something Worth Fighting For


Jo-El Gerber

I wanna find you when I close my eyes at night
Because I always dream of you
For in my dreams I'm always holding you tight
What you and I share is something worth fighting for.

I've given my love to you ever since the first day
Even though so many days the right words..
I just couldn't say
I knew for sure that your love was something that I've found.

Standing up for what I feel is right
You mean the world to me
That, I'm sure can be clearly seen
For you are something worth fighting for to me.

Poetry Competition



Jo-El Gerber

i worte ur name on a paper but by accident i threw it away
i wrote ur name on my hand but i washed it the next day
i wrote ur name in the sand but the waves washed away
i worte ur name in my heart and forever it will stay

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Dreams Coming True


Jo-El Gerber

When it seemed as though my heart was dying
There you were right in the nick of time
To tell me of a love I thought I'd never find
Now, I thank God, that I can call you mine.

A flickering candle
Burning effortlessly with the flames of our desire
Knowing that in my heart
I know that my love for you will never expire.

Dreams coming true
All because of you
I know now that in my heart
That with you I'll never be blue.

We've come to the point
When we are entangled with one another
Romanticly and emotionally you can really say
That I'll be there for you even after my dying day.

When my sky turned from black to blue
And that's the day that I first found you
You showed me a rainbow more brilliant than that of a thousand
And that rainbow is the love you gave all this time to only me.

When in my life storm clouds were above me
You walked by and then they were gone
Gone to the wind so my life could...
Could share with you my love like I knew it would.

When we a kiss a million fireworks I sense
When we hold eachother near
I need you to always know
That with me you have nothing at all to fear.

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Is My Love Enough


Jo-El Gerber

I look at you right here and now
And see an angel in my arms
For the first time, I don't feel alone
Because you give me happiness so is my love enough?

So, here I am with Heaven on Earth
When you look at me I sense the feeling of being complete
For so long, I never thought I'd feel like this
Because you are more than all I've ever dreamed of.

Is my love enough
When it seemed as though you've given me all I've ever wanted
I pray that one day we'll see eachother face to face
Walking happily down the aisle.

Poetry Competition

The One & Only You


Jo-El Gerber

I never knew just how much I could feel
Until I felt it with you
In just one moment
With the first touch.

I pulled you near
Caressed your delicate lips with mine
That's when I knew
Our future was to be with eachother.

With just one look
My heart fell for you
With your smile
I know I'd be there for you all the while.

With 3 simple words
That came from your heart
I knew with you it was clear
I'd follow you anywhere.

Take this heart
And do as you please
Don't ever leave me because with you
I always get so weak in the knees.

I sense your presence
And start to tremble
I feel your hand brushing mine
And I know I'd never leave you behind.

Yours is my heart
And all that matters to me
Take me now and you'll see
That kind of love that's meant to be.

In my heart you will remain
And when the day comes when I must let you go
Know that never will there be a moment that to you
My heart and the love I feel won't show.

Autumn Leaves


Jo-El Gerber

Autumn leaves falling slowly to the ground
Yet not making any kind of sound
Autumn leaves floating to an unknown place
And yet not leaving a single trace.

Autumn leaves everywhere around this place
Untamed by another sweet smelling taste
Autumn leaves hiding the ground from thieves
And no longer is there any leaves in the surrounding trees.

Autumn leaves changing colors for the beautiful light
Yet they could be changing out of pure delight
Autumn leaves filling the unchanged ground below
Yet walking across the autumn leaves are a couple of doe.

Autumn leaves flowing with the rushing wind
Knowing that all they need is a true friend
Autumn leaves falling again on my head
For the autumn leaves will soon all be dead.

Darkness Enters


Jo-El Gerber

Darkness enters my broken heart
No way for me to make a new start
I wish I had something more
But, nothing is what I have instead.

Darkness enters as my hope is lost
My heart is beginning to get cold and dark
And this is something I can't embark
For, there is no way I could make it through this alone.

Sorrow is slowly filling my heart with sadness
And nothing can I do but hope I'll get through
Til' tomorrow and the days that follow
Knowing that I can't when darkness enters.

I have been deprived of my feelings
Love is something I will fail to find
Because no matter what it feels like
I'll always be a million steps behind when darkness enters.

Let Him Go


Jo-El Gerber

Let him go if he's just going to treat you like a hoe
For I know that you just wanna know
If he is always going to be like this
Because you should know that there will always be many fish.

Let him go
Don't keep on having faith in a lost cause
Because right now you're probably lost
Yet, to you if you lost him all won't be lost
Therefore, there will never in love be a cost.

Let him go girl
If all he wants from you is a whirl
You know you will always be worth the luxurious pearl
Because in you I'm not just looking to find someone to...
Amuse, it's just my heart is what you really need to know.

He does not in any way deserve you
For in you is a heart that is so true
Live for yourself and not for him
Because the time with him will be very slim.

Let him go
He is not worth you crying every night in your sleep
You've got to keep in mind that he is just a creep
For he doesn't deserve you to weep.

Love Me Too


Jo-El Gerber

In the years that I've known you
I realized within my heart
That I have always been
So in love with you.

I love you with all my heart
And I keep on hoping that one day
You will find it in your heart
To love me too.

I know that you are someone
I could never live without
With every day that passes by I love you more and more
I just hope that someday you'll feel that way for me.

The first day I saw you
I knew it was true
I was falling in love with you
And hoping you were falling in love with me too.

I cannot explain to you in words how I feel
But, if you'd stop and listen to your heart
You will know
You will know you feel the same for me.

I never thought that I could still
Live my life loving you
Not really knowing if...
If you love me too.

I know now that in your heart you know
That the feelings I feel for you are real and true
And I know that through the times we've been together
That you love me too.

Nobody but us knows what it is
What it is that we feel so strongly about
For, it is you and I that has these feelings
That you are the only one there to say you love me too.

I could not last one minute
Without you by my side
I find that with you
I have nothing to hide.

I do not know just what to say
Nevertheless, I know that without you
There is no way
That I could live my life knowing what I know now.

Though weíve been through the worst of times
Know that there is nothing I would not do
Because I know now that it is you
That I hope will someday love me too.

Love me too
The way that I love you
April, I know the relationship we have
Is beyond any relationship I have ever been through.

I do not want to lose you
Tell me please that you feel that way too
Because Sis, I know that I love you
I just hope that you love me too.

More Than Friends


Jo-El Gerber

When we started out we were friends
But when in your eyes my life finally shown me
That in you is where my heart and life begins
So that's why I say I want to be more than a friend to you.

I've always been there for you
I know that deep down you've been there for me too
And you know I'd done anything that I could do
To please you and make you as happy as a girl could be.

I never made it easy for you to be my friend
Because deep down inside I knew...
I knew that in my heart it had feelings
That it wanted something so much more.

So here as I come to you tonight
Know that I will always be right here for you
To hold you when you need someone to hold you tight
I'll always be there for you and I'll always treat you true.

When I think back to when we started out
I was so happy and so fulfilled with joy
I knew that friends is what we'll always be but now that we're not
I've come to realize I can't be myself without you.

Now I Realize


Jo-El Gerber

Now I realize when I'm holding you close to me
I finally found the one who is for me meant to be
My life has just begun
I'm finding more and more that you are in my life the sun.

If for so long you have always been there waiting for me
You call it destiny, I call it meant to be
Now I realize what true love feels like
I know what it feels like because you give your love to me.

Now I realize it's just me and you
In this world where love is so rare
It's just us that will always be so true
Because in my heart I know it's always been with you.



Jo-El Gerber

Raindrops falling, falling hard against the window
Beating like a drum that is how it sounds
Raindrops for a storm is coming from the east
Because following the storm there is a beast.

Raindrops falling hard on the sidewalks and streets
For my son this storm will last many weeks
Raindrops falling all around and the sound of people
The sound of people falling and dying all around.

Raindrops slowly seeping and laying to a rest
For yet my Father said and knew He was the best
Raindrops are appearing to stop falling down
And now it is like silence is the only sound.

Raindrops, gone now and there is a bright light
And within that bright light there is a beautiful sight
A rainbow appears in the sunny blue sky
As my Father said heíd never flood the land again.

Remember Me


Jo-El Gerber

Remember me when the nights grow cold
And I will always be here for you to hold
Remember me when your feeling down
For I am the one you need the very most.

Remember me for you are the one I love
Forever will you have me to hold
Whenever it turns cold Iíll be there
Remember me because I need you too.

Remember me for all the good times we had
Remember me for all the love I had to give you
For I will always remember you
And I hope youíll always remember me too.

Remember me throughout each despairing season
For I am the one that you held on to
Remember me because I loved you so
And remember me when our bodies turn old.

Thankful For Being With You


Jo-El Gerber

Thankful for being with you
I swear that I'll always treat you true
I never thought that love would find me
But, it did when I first found you.

There's alot of things I'm thankful for
Most of all I'm thankful for having the chance...
The chance to know how being treated right does feel
For you mean to me a great deal and I know you always will.

I thanked God last night for sending me you
I didn't want to close my eyes
Because I was afraid of not seing you again
Knowing that if I never saw you again I'd be so blue.

I'm thankful for holding you tight
I'm thankful that you treat me so right
Oh how badly I wish I could hold you tonight
For I'm falling in love with you too with all my might.

Thankful for being with you
I swear there's nothing I'd rather do
Than make it to where you'll always be happy with me
Because my life could never be worth living without you.

There Was You


Jo-El Gerber

When I thought my world was gone
There was you to show me that you're the only one
I wanna be with you for all time
For it happened that there was you.

In a world where things just come and go
For my feelings for you I must show
In so many people's lives true love is rare
That is why I am always going to hold you near.

You taught me about myself
You showed me heaven through your eyes
For it was all about you
Way before there was you.

There was you to make my wildest dreams come true
You are the one who's love got through to me
Hopefully, we are what is meant to be
Because if there wasn't you there wouldn't be me.

You can take my heart and do as you please
For without you I have no use for it
Take my dreams and have them too
Because without you I have no reason to dream.

By your side is where I always wanna be
For you are surely destiny for me
Because I knew I loved you
For in my dreams there was you.

So many things happened in my life
Because I opened up my heart to you
And you alone because the way I felt about us
Was something I never could hide.

There was you always by my side
With you I knew I had nothing to hide
You are the reason for me being me
And the answers to all my prayers you see.

Will You


Jo-El Gerber

I'll kiss you each morning
I'll kiss you each night
Remember for it is I
That wishes to hold you so tight.

I'll hold you in my arms
As the sun comes through
To the bodies of me and you
Know that I will always be true.

In the darkness of the night
May I be a passionate light
That warms your heart and soul
And lets your strongest feelings flow.

I'll kiss you like I did before
I'll hold you like there is nothing more
I'll remember you like you are my only
And I'll dream of you all the nights through.

Will you kiss me too
Will you hold me like I hold you
Will you remember me like I will remember you
And will you make all my dreams come true?

I'll wrap you in my warm embrace
Know that because of you
I am falling out of grace
And never will I let go of your sweet embrace.

Kiss me softly
And hold me tight
Set my soul on fire
And be my one desire.

Will you be beside me
When I awake in the morning
Will you lay down by me
When I fall asleep at night?

May I be the one
Who feels you up with such delight
Let me be there for you
Like I'd want you to be there for me.

An Angelic Friend


Jo-El Gerber

Maybe God found me ready to have an angel's pressence in my life as a friend
Everything about you is more than what I've ever had in a friend
Looking into my past I no longer do b/c you have showed me that it's not important
Longing for the moment to have someone as sweet as yourself as my friend...
I didn't really think it would ever happen for the way my life has been
So now that you're here I can't believe my ears or my eyes
Sincerely to me, you must be an angel in disguise
And never will there go by a day that I won't be thankful for you.

Misfortune and sorrow was what I used to have to cling too
Although now I have a friend that's so true
Everything about you makes you the best friend I have.

Would I have ever thought that someone like you would come into my life
Or am I just dreaming of having a friend as sweet and nice as you
Ordinarily, I should say if this is a dream please don't let anyone wake me up
Days upon days have gone by in my life but nothing prepared me for someone
As amazing and sweet and just heavenly in every single way
Long after I die, I know a friend to you I'll always be
Life is so much better with you in my life as my best friend.

A Part Of Me You Are


Jo-El Gerber

A part of me you are like my dream worker
For only you can make all my dreams come true
And, you could make me or break me from you
All I know is that I'd do anything for you.

A part of me you are deep in my heart
Yet, I pray that we will never depart
For, now I know I cared for you right from the start
I just hope that you'll always take care of my heart.

A part of me you are
And you will always be by far
Because of you I can start anew
For, I really do love and cherish every moment spent with you.

A Special Part Of Me


Jo-El Gerber

There was a time in my life
When I felt like no one was there
I used to cry oh so many tear
But, then you came to me and said no fear.

A special part of me is what you became
Now I know that whatever crosses my mind
Youíll always be there right by my side
And with you I will surely canít go wrong.

Alone Again


Jo-El Gerber

Alone again here in tonight
Wishing I was so strongly
holding someone tight
Wishing I had someone with all my might.

I used to be someone from the beginning and now
Now my whole world is falling falling all around me
And, anymore I don't know what's meant to be .

Alone again
Knowing I'll always be alone
Realizing I was meant to be alone
Someone for me is something I'll never find.

Always, Never The Same


Jo-El Gerber

Always, never the same
No longer am I standing in the pouring rain
And no longer do I have myelf to blame
Because, things are always, never the same.

Isn't it funny about fate
How love is always, never the same
Baby, I would feel naked to the pain
For with you I know I could not go insane.



Jo-El Gerber

Angels Of Night, Angels Of Day,
Angels In My Dreams;
Angels, Angels, They Are Everywhere Can't You See
Angels on this Earth which make my life worth while.

Angels are of beauty and of mystery
Don't you know, angel tell me why
Why are you here, cause you love me
Because you care about my lifeform day to day;
Or are you here because you love me as much as I love you.

Angels Of Love


Jo-El Gerber

Angels of love come and take me there,
To the place that true love can still be found;
Angels of love come in many shapes and forms,
Angels of love are there to rekindle ones love.

Angels of love help others to realize,
Realize how they feel inside;
Angels of love come down from heaven,
To help others to find the shining light.

Angels of love are there for people,
People who lost faith and courage;
To help them find the real meaning of love,
Love in which could never end in time.

If I Were To Lose You


Jo-El Gerber

If I were to lose you I don't know what I'd do
Because I am head-over-heels in love with you
And to you I will always be true
So, please don't ever tell me that we are through.

I used to think that I couldn't fall in love again
For I thought that if I did it would be a sin
But, now I feel like you're the one for me
And I hope that we'll always be.

If I were to lose you I will be different
Because a part of me will be gone
Just because you will always have my heart
And, I knew that right from the start.

Hold On To My Heart


Jo-El Gerber

Hold on to my heart
Hang on to our love
So that we can hold on to one another
So, that we can hold on to each otherís hearts forever.

I once thought
That true love was what I sought
Because I have not a thing to doubt
Because I want you to forever hold on to my heart.

Hold on to my memories
For all the feelings we share
Because breaking up with me is more than I can bare
For from me will come a rainfall of tear.

Blue-Eyed Angel


Jo-El Gerber

Blue-eyed angel how pretty you are.
How did you get those eyes so blue?
Angel, angel what's your name?
You are of much beauty can't you see.

You are so sweet and so kind,
You are the angel that comes to me sometimes;
You are the brightest star in my new sky;
The star that shines in night and day,
And you will always be my blue-eyed angel.



Jo-El Gerber

Broken, why must my heart be this way
Why must my dreams be laying on the floor
Baby, why did you have to get my heart this way
For my heart is broken forever more.

Broken, take the pieces of my heart
Throw them in the ocean
I no longer need a heart
I cannot make a new start.

When you came into my life
I thought I wouldn't ever go through strife
I was wrong and I got proof
My heart, broken as a heart can be.



Jo-El Gerber

Days of Peace, days of Joy,
Days in which never end in Time;
Days , Days, Make up our lives,
Days of Hope, or victorious days;
In which we try so hard to find.

Days of Love, Days of Surprise,
Which honor is all in these walls;
Days of Peace, Joy, Hope, Love, and Surprise,
Which make up our lives in this world of freedom

Do You Really Care For Me


Jo-El Gerber

Do you really care for me
Do you really even know
Do you understand how I feel about you girl
How am I supposed to know if you like me too.

Do you really know what love i
Or are ou just messing around with my heart
My heart knows just when it feels the love the you give
I just wanted to know if you'll even play with me in the snow.

Do you really care for me
Do you really know what love is and makes you feel inside
I know in my heart that I care for you so much
And I just wanna know if your love makes me feel so lucky.

I never really knew what love really meant to me
Until the day I seen you standing right out front of my door
Why is it that you don't even recognize me anymore
And yet I ask you do you really care for me too?

Dreaming Of Angels


Jo-El Gerber

Dreaming of angels what more can I do,
Dreaming of you and of me;
At night I await for your next visit,
Hoping it won't be your last.

Knocking on my window oh, please come in,
You came to tell me you missed me so;
I had hoped you would come,
When I needed you the most.

Dreaming of angels coming to my door,
Telling me it's time for my trip home;
I miss you so what more could I say,
To let you know I need you so.

I came to tell you I missed you so,
I just wanted you to know;
I dreamed of you in the snow,
Laughing and saying you love me too.

I just had to let you know,
That my tears will flow when it's time;
For me to say goodbye,
To you for the very last time.



Jo-El Gerber

Dreams can come true,
I know this as a fact, and is true;
Dreams are forever in our minds,
Dreams are filled with hope, and joy.

Because there are many in our minds,
And in our hearts,
They are easy for me to share with you;
So let's say I had a dream to become a poet,
But yet I didn't know I would become as one.

You are the girl that's in my dreams,
Which I have all through the night;
I know my dreams always begins with you,
The night is young when I see you there.

Every Night And Day


Jo-El Gerber

Every night and day Iím wondering what to say
Because I hope, I can be with you again some day
When I used to sit with you by the oceanís bay
Every night and day I am missing you in every possible way.

Why did not I tell you what I wanted so badly to say?
When I was with you, I would always have a good day
Now I am feeling like my heart is going to break away
Until I can be with you again some day.

Every night and day I think of the good days that we had
Knowing that without you Iíd be feeling really bad
Every single moment that I was with you
I canít think of a single time except now Iíve ever felt sad.

Memories are now all that I have of her
Iím surprised that this much sorrow I can endure
Many people say that I am acting so immature
When the fact of the matter is that, my love for you was so pure.

Every night and day I remember her in a special way
Knowing deep within that Iíll be with her some day
Some times, I can picture us kissing by the bay
I guess that I have not yet figured out what to say.

Every night and day
I wish that there would still be a way
For us to be together again someday
But, in order for you to know how I feel
It would be more than words could ever say.

Every night and day
I try to think of words to say
To prove to you in every possible way
That I want to be with you forever and a day.

Everything About You


Jo-El Gerber

Everything about you is so very sweet and true
That my love for you could never be through
For my mind is opened to you all of the time
Yet my heart for you would walk a narrow line.

Everything about you is so sweet and kind
For I don't ever want you out of my mind
And I want you to know that I could never leave you behind
Yet, I know I miss your every little thing that you do.

You know that you mean a whole lot to me
For, I always knew what you and I would become
Now you and I are together I hope we'll be friends forever
Because I couldn't imagine living life without you.

More Than Just A Fantasy


Jo-El Gerber

More than just a fantasy it is the best days of our lives
Because more than just fantasy would have to be reality
I haven't a clue on even what to do
All that I know is that I give the best only to you.

I once was in a dream
Where nothing felt like it did seam
But, then I found you
And my heart will forever beat so true.

More than just a fantasy
Would have to be me and you
For we had found each other
And we really don't need any other.

For You My Love


Jo-El Gerber

For you my love I give my heart
My heart to do what ever you want
For you my love my heart beats
My heart beats because your love is my treat.

For you my love the stars twinkle
For you my love the sun shines
For you my love I love you in a special way
In a special way, I give my love to you.

For you my love my heart yearns
My heart yearns for you to stay with me
For you my love I will respect your love
For I know your love for me is strong and true.

For you my love I give you many wonderful memories
For you my love I will always hold you close
I will always hold you close in my heart
For you my love I need you in my life.



Jo-El Gerber

Friends, friends are forever you see,
Friends last longer than the energizer bunny;
Jennifer is the one I like to be with tonight,
Jennifer is sweet and yet still kind in my mind.

Friends are there when no one else is,
Jennifer is my friend, which is forever in my mind;
Friends are nice, kind, and sweet,
But Jennifer is the greatest friend of all.

Further And Further


Jo-El Gerber

Further and further, I fall with you by my side
I find that with you I have nothing to hide
I find myself falling deeper and deeper in love
In love with you and there is nothing I can do.

I never thought I could find someone
To make me feel all that I felt with you
For with every beat of my heart
I fall further and further in love with you.

Further and further as the days go by
It is your heart and the love that is there
In which I cannot deny
Every time that we are near.

I pledge my love to you
With every beat of my heart
Its funny how forever changed
Which I knew it would right from the start.

It is the least I can do to think of you night and day
Not really knowing what I could ever say
To make it clear to you just how I feel
For it is you I would do anything for.

Further and further, I find myself
I find myself reaching towards you
I know I want to forever be true
Because I wanna spend my forever with you.

Help Me


Jo-El Gerber

Help me to find another way
To live better day after day
I don't even know what to say
Because I need you by my side every single day.

Help me for I am sinking in despair
I used to think that you and I
Had made the perfect pair
All I now wonder is when and where.

I don't know what to do
Because I never thought I would lose you
I thought my heart would always be true
But, what good am I if I can't start anew
For now my world is turning blue.

Help me get over you
I don't know what else to do
Because my love was only for you
And now my heart doesn't have the strength to start anew.

I Don't Know What To Do


Jo-El Gerber

I donít know what to do
Because I donít ever want to give up on you
What am I to do
Because I am so in love with you.

I used to think that love would never find me
Now it has opened my eyes
For now I know that the waves of the sea
Could never really say or do what you mean to me.

I donít know what to do
I donít want to ever give up on you
How could I ever forgive myself
Without ever realizing all my fears.

Last night I had a dream
And I awoke with my eyes pouring out tears
For I had a dream that would trouble me for many years
I guess that now I have to face my fears.

I have always been in love with you
And now I donít know what to do
Because I want to have a chance to see you
For without you in my life I am blue.

I Don't Know Where To Go From Here


Jo-El Gerber

I donít know where to go from here
My broken heart is more than I can bear
Because from my eyes come many of tear
For as of now I am faced with losing you my greatest fear.

I am running around in circles not knowing what to do
Because I know now that I am losing you
Lord knows, I hope that isnít true
For, I will become so blue.

I donít know where to go from here
Because your love is like a compass
That led me straight to your heart
Nevertheless, now we are splitting apart.

What am I to do without the love of you?
Where can I turn
For, your love for me did burn
And it hurt like a prickly fern.

I Give Up


Jo-El Gerber

I give up on myself
Everyone else has
What is my life for
When I can't even come close to being happy.

I give up on love
It has never done me any good
I choose not to think about my past
Because I always had relationships that never did last.

I give up on my heart
I might as well throw it away
Because it feels like it is broken
Every single hour of every single day.

Don't talk to me about love
For I know its all a crock of shit
If you talk to me
Don't say why did you give up on everything.

The reasons I give up are as follows
My heart is always broken and my dreams well,
They're always shattered
My life has no meaning except the fact of me living alone.

I give up on my life
I am always going through strife
I can't do anything right
For sometimes I wish I was dead with all my might.

I Remember...


Jo-El Gerber

I remember last year
Like it was just yesterday
When I cried more than just a single tear
because you made me cry and wish that I would die.

I wished once upon a star
That no matter how far
I would go just to find
The one that is the one for me.

I remember my childhood
Just like it was a month ago
I always seemed to enjoy playing in the snow
And I never once hung out in the hood.

Why does so many things have to happen
I couldn't have ever guessed that what happened to me in the future
Would ever happened in the past
How long does this thing have to last.

I remember everything
I can see so clearly now
That what I was afraid of yesterday
Will no longer leave me a stray today.

I remember you and me
And how we were as happy as can be
What went wrong within there
Which would have you believing in fear.

I can see so clearly
As though I was a child again
I am growing up in this big world
And I don't know what to do because I feel still like a stranger.

I remember...
How the leaves would die and fall
And how it seemed we were always at the mall
I remember everything now for some reason that is hard to tell.

I remember my past coming back to haunt me
And being as afraid as afraid can be
What did I fail so badly to see
What would make everything change my reason to be.

I Was Wrong


Jo-El Gerber

I was wrong to hurt you the way I did
If I could do it all over again
I wouldn't have caused you the pain I did.
Because now I realize what I did was wrong.

You found in me...
What others just could not see
You believed in me
And in what all I wanted to be

I was wrong to cause you the sorrow
And the pain for I know I am the one to blame
If I turn back time
I swear that til this day you would always be mine.

I was wrong
That, I finally admit
I hope you could find it in your heart
To maybe someday start anew.

I know there is no excuse for what I did
All I can do is say that because of it my heart bled.
I was wrong to say the things I said
For then I realized I should've just dropped dead.

You were to me
What no one else except you could be
You gave me hope
When I thought all was lost.

I am glad I had a chance to be with you
I just promise you this
Next time, if possible the way it used to be
For you meant everything to me.

I was lead you on
I am sorry for everything
You were the only thing
That made it where my heart would sing.

I know that deep in my heart I will always love you
In everything throughout time in anything I do.
You were the one that was to me so true
I was wrong for I guess I never had a clue.

I'll Be There


Jo-El Gerber

I'll be there for you
When you need me to be
I'll be a shoulder you can cry on
When you feel like you don't belong.

You mean alot to me
You always have
I don't know what to do
Because without you I don't know what to do.

I'll be right beside you through the good times
I'll be there for you through the times that are bad
I'll be there to make you glad
Hoping I could help you stop being so sad.

I'll be just a second away
When you need me
Either night or day
I'll be there for you and help you find the words to say.

I'll be there for you when you feel
Like all your dreams are for nothing
Because to me they mean something
For you I want you to know I never stopped believing in you.

I'll do my best to stop your tears
And I'll do my best to chase away your fears
Knowing that we've been through alot of years
I know that you are someone I feel I couldn't live without.



Jo-El Gerber

Jenny is here, or is she there,
I care for her so much you see;
She is nice, yet still kind in my mind,
Jenny what a pretty name.

Sometimes at night I sit and stare,
At the walls in my room try to figure
This heart of mine;
Try to find Jenny in this mind of mine,
Seek the truth and you'll find
Jenny in this heart of mine.



Jo-El Gerber

Joy is something that we feel,
That makes me happy in every way;
Joy is when your up and fine,
Which is here all through the days.

Joy is something that I feel,
Whenever I see you standing there;
Joy is with me all my life in this heart of mine,
Joy is a feeling we feel inside.

I Thought


Jo-El Gerber

Do you mean it when you tell me that you love me
Or is just one way for you to deceive me
I thought you and I was always going to be
And I thought you felt the same way for me.

What is going on in each other's lives
Is it that you didn't like the way I did appear
Or is it that you didn't want to be sincere
I don't know what it is all I know is that I love you very much Dear.

Do you mean it when you say that you never knew love before me
For I had hoped that you and I would always be
Is there something that I failed to see
Or do you really don't you and I to be.

I don't understand why you're making me go throught this heartache
Nor did I see that you would ever make my heart break
I thought you loved me, but if you don't please tell me
For I thought that we could make a difference in each other's history.

I thought you loved me, but is that the way you still feel
I need to know because if so...
It will all ready be hard for me to let you go
All because deep in my heart I love you so.

I thought you trusted me, but do you really
I know how you're feeling right about now
But, I feel as if I wasn't what you meant for me to be
All I have to ask is if you feel that way towards me.

I'm not sure if or why you seem to be doubting me for everything that I will every be
All I know is that I feel like you will from four days ago until I die that we are what's meant to be
So, why do I since a trace of something called regret, when I already had on you my heart set
I thought and I still pray that you haven't yet given up on me.

What will happen if I can't go on without you in my life
Because I thought that with you I could never go through strife
I thought that you were the one that was the one for me
And I hoped that because of you my heart would fill with glee.

I thought I had found something in you that I had not ever felt before
When we were talking it felt like I was talking to an angel
Maybe how I feel is totally bounded by the so-called feelings
All I know is that I thought you felt the way that I did.

Why are you putting me through this heart broken way
Did I ever hurt you in any way
I hoped that you would always stay
I guess all you wanted was to play.

I thought that you would never do me wrong
But, I guess you and I never did belong
For now our old song is my favorite song
And now all I can do is think about you.

When did you even start loving me
I don't think you ever did love me
For now I can understand how you see
You and I weren't ever meant to be.

Be There


Jo-El Gerber

Anything at all you want me to do
All you have to do is ask
And you will come to see
That I will be there.

It's been a couple of years
From the day we did first meet
And I know as well as you
All you have to do is say my name and I'll be there.

You mean alot to me Sis
And you always seem to know
When I need you
And so I just have to three words..I'll be there for you too.

Be there, yes I will when you need me
I always will be a second away
It doesn't matter if it's night or day
If you need me I'll be there.

Before You Came Into My Life


Jo-El Gerber

Before you came into my life
I was surely going through strife
I didn't know what I was to do
And I didn't know which way to go.

When I first met you my life was so blue
And my heart never had a chance to start anew
Now that I had finally found you
My heart does again beat strong and true.

Before you came into my life
My heart was shattered
And my dreams were broken too
But, now I have you and I really do love only you.

I never knew that my heart could ever love anew
Because my heart was broken
But, it wasn't because of you
Because of you my world has become so strong and true.

A Tender Heart


Jo-El Gerber

At times I thought I hade more than just a tender heart
But now I'm starting to see things more clearly
That when I began my life with you I hoped we'd never part
For when I fell it was you that I held oh so dearly.

When I look back on all our memories together
I've come to realize that though at times I've been wrong
It's time I say I hoped we'd last forever
But, I guess I was imagining it was you where I belonged.

A tender heart is what I possess
Every now and then I wish I didn't
Because if not for my heart I'd be over you
Love has blinded me to the point I could never start anew.

When times between us got bad
You left and made me realize
That without you in my world I'd always be sad
And that each time I looked in your eyes I got hypnotized.

Looking at you in a way that I've never looked before
I should you my heart and my world to share with you
Just to get my heart broken when you walked out that door
I knew in that second when you left that what was in me
Was nothing more than a tender Heart.

Forever As We See It


Jo-El Gerber

Forever as we see it is our apparent paradise
No holding back, no tears, fights or disreguards
What more can we do but start to overcome
And learn to deal with these feelings forever as we see it.

I feel in my heart that by your side
Is where my heart and life has finally begun
And though I know not what you feel
I'm sure it's got something to do with forever as we see it.

When you leave in the morings it feels like I'll stop breathing
But then when you're here it seems like I'm in a wonderful dream
So when I don't know how to recall just how I feel about you
Remember in our hearts it's forever as we see it.

Here Comes My Heart


Jo-El Gerber

Here comes my heart
Chasing after your love
I know it wants to with yours make a start
For it feels all thatís above.

You walked away and made me cry
You left me wondering when youíll come back
And my heart was always wondering why
Thatís when my heart turned blue and my world turned black.

Here comes my heart jumping for the chance
It feels all a human could never explain
For it just wants to ask your heart to dance
While we are talking in the pouring rain.

Look at me and what youíll see
Are my dreams shattered on the ground
My heart feels that which is meant to be
But my heart is the only thing heaven bound.

Watch me as the tears fill my eyes
Remembering of all the times that youíve said
Nothing to me but lies
Now youíre wishing out loud that I was dead.

What kind of woman are you
To turn your back and walk out on me
Iíve never done a thing to be untrue
And still my heart feels that with you is where itís supposed to be.

Kisses So Sweet


Jo-El Gerber

Kisses so sweet, kisses so soft
That fills my every thought with sweet content
Knowing deep down inside of my heart
That you were Heaven sent.

A thought of holding you in my arms
While the whole world is splitting apart
For you found in me my true charms
And that is why I hope we never depart.

Kisses so sweet, no other angel could compete
For with you by my side
My life is so complete
And that is why I have not a single thing to hide.

I remember a time when I thought it was impossible
To find a love that would last
But, then it came to pass
That my dream did so much come true.

Kisses so sweet, sweeter than honey
And more richer in emotions than money
For your kisses could never be bought
Because true love was what I always sought.

Kissing You


Jo-El Gerber

Kissing you, it feel so good to me to see
To see that look in your eye and that smile on your beautiful face
Kissing you so gentle in the night
For what we feel is just so right this night.

Kissing you and loving you at the same time
It is like a dream that has come alive
It has come alive and made all my dreams come true
Kissing you and telling you I love you too.

Kissing you what more can I do to express how much I'm in love
How much I'm in love with you and all the things you do
I am one lucky man to be kissing you this night
Kissing you and telling you that I need you in my life.

Kissing you and giving you my love the only way I know how
To love you it must have been a miracle in our lives
For we both know just how much love can hurt
But the love that we give each other could never break our hearts.

Lie To Me


Jo-El Gerber

Lie to me
Say that you're the only one for me
Don't tell me goodbye
Just say without you I would surely die.

Why must we be so honest
For some times nothing comes out of being honest except sorrow
Lie to me
Say that you and I will always be .

I can't deny my feelings for you
Lie to me and say you feel them too
Don't say you don't love me
All you have to do is lie to me.

I couldn't go on without you
I swear this is true
Lie to me and say
I'll never say we're through.

Love Beyond A Doubt


Jo-El Gerber

Love beyond a doubt is something so wonderful
It is like an entrance to a new opened door
Love beyond a doubt is very dramatic
For when it is pushed aside it always comes back.

Love beyond a doubt is how I feel inside
It moves me every time I think about you
Love beyond a doubt you know is really there
Because it takes you places that you have not been.

Like the time when we first met so long ago
I never thought that our love would stay with us
Though time and again I say I love you
And I know you love me too.

Love beyond a doubt is so strong and true
But no matter what we do it will always be
Love beyond a doubt is like the rising sun
And then when it falls it is no more.

Love In The First Degree


Jo-El Gerber

Love in the first degree I know you really do love me
For you and I just might be
The only one for each other you see you fill my heart with glee
Maybe thatís why you could be the one for me.

You quite possibly might be the right girl for me
For that is why and how I got accused
Accused of something called love in the first degree
You have been becoming a very special part of me.

Maybe I was framed or was just the one blamed
But, I think that I was not framed
For I fell in love in the first degree with you
And now I know that I must be guilty.

So here I am in the chambers of love and happiness
Wondering to my self if I am in a big old mess
Now if I am I know what I must do
For you were accused of love in the first degree for me too.

Love in the first degree is definitely a lifetime sentence
For I will forever love you in the first degree
And I know that you will always love me too
Pleading for innocence is something I just cannot do.

Love Is...


Jo-El Gerber

Love is when you feel a feeling you can't explain,
Love is the actions of the heart all in time;
Love is like a hunger you can't deny,
Love is when you let it go, and still it comes back.

Love takes time indeed it does,
Love is the answer to every prayer
I've ever prayed,
Love is a feeling that hurts sometimes,
Love consists of feeling strong and deep.

Love can light up the darkest night,
Love like that is everywhere
In this wide blue earth;
Love can fulfill all your dreams in time,
Love consists of trust, honor, and hope,
And beauty in which is always in you.



Jo-El Gerber

Love is something in which is hard to find,
Love in which I always have in my heart;
Love is something in this heart of mine,
Love is beautiful in one's eyes,
In which is beautiful always
In these hearts of ours.

Love is there right by my side in which I seek,
So hard to find, Love is very seldom found;
Love is something in which to believe,
In which you'll find in this heart of mine;
I try so hard to touch the sky
In the mid of the night.

Many Fish In The Sea


Jo-El Gerber

Many people say that there are many fish in the sea
No matter what kind of fish that might be
It will probably be the perfect fish for me.
It doesn't even matter if that fish swims in a lake or a sea.

There are many empty promises that get broken
But, then there are those that don't
Maybe I'll catch a blue marlin or a large mouth bass
No matter what happens you'll have to always kiss my white ass.

So many years have gone through this heart of mine
And many of times I had a special Valentine
I just hope that there are more fish in the sea
Who are indeed searching for only me.

Many of times girls have done me so wrong
I guess maybe that is because they just didn't belong
For they dealt to me so much harm
But, I'm sure I'll find someone who has found in me my charm.

I must have done made my last mistake
For I thought that love I would never forsake
Maybe I never did love or cherish anyone
But, then I must say what is done is done.

Many fish in the sea for me
Yeah, but maybe they are not open..
To what the future may hold
All I know is that my love was never bought or sold.

What more can the rising tide bring in
For many of times I caught a shark
In which my love could never embark
Because my love is what will always light the dark.

Many fish in the sea, but there is none for me
For I had broken many hearts
And shattered many of dreams
Yet, I feel like my world is tearing apart at the seams.

Maybe there is still someone out there for me
But, then again I guess we'll see
For I always believed that there is some one meant to be for me
Then again finding someone else would be hell to pay.

A dream is what I'm tring to live in life
Maybe that is why there's so much strife
Why can you be the one who for me could entice
Yet, maybe life is just a couple of dice.

More Than Words...


Jo-El Gerber

More than words can ever say
I want to be with you forever and a day
A picture is told to say a thousand words
But a heart can say and feel a thousand more.

More than words could ever mean
I want to forever be a part of your life
I want to be with you
To love and to hold till death do us part.

More than any meaning of any phrase or word
I want you to know that you have given to my life_
To my life you have given it meaning
Without you there isnít anything I can say and or do.

I want to share forever with you
And that goes beyond words could ever
I just hope that we will always be together
Because with you I want to share forever.



Jo-El Gerber

The mountain is of height and beauty,
Mountains are beautiful with the peaks
White with snow;
Mountains are of beauty,
But not more than she,
Mountains are everywhere
In this mountainous region.

I have searched the highest mountain to find
What I so longed to find is found;
I try so hard to touch the clouds,
But my hand goes right through,
You are the treasure
Upon the mountain peak.

Moving Mountains


Jo-El Gerber

Mountains are tall or small
No matter the size,
Mountains in which we try to move;
In our lives we move many mountains,
Jennifer is in my life and will always be.

Jennifer helped me move many mountains,
Jennifer has more faith and power than I;
This I know as a fact to believe,
Jennifer is the sweetest gal I know.

I showed you how I felt,
And you were there,
You are the brightest star
In my sky I know;
Jennifer will always be in my life to stay,
I trust her with my heart,
Cause I believe in her so.

My Honey Bunny


Jo-El Gerber

My Honey Bunny, I love you more than money
For your love for me is much, much sweeter than honey
For I think that we are so much lovey dovey
That we wouldnít ever quit loving each other in this way.

My Honey Bunny, Iíll always be here for you
For I knew that we would be so very true
That I found a love so true
And that love is only for you.

No Doubt In My Mind


Jo-El Gerber

Thereís not a day that goes by
That I know deep inside my heart
Clear down to my soul
That thereís no doubt in my mind that God is very much in my life.

Iíve been through some pretty hard times
But, never did I lose hope or give up my faith
Iíve been realizing ever since the day I was born
That God will be there for me always even past my dying day.

Heís given me strength
When I was weak
He has showed me the way
When I was lost.

God works in mysterious ways
Even when it seems that He has forsaken me
Heís there even though He canít be seen
For it is true God will be there for me like He will be there for you.

So many times Iíve wrestled with demons inside me
But, He opened my eyes so that clearly I could see
And although I know that God does
I know Heís got a special plan for me.

Thereís not a second that my goes by
That when my heart beats
I know He is there
Thereís no doubt in my mind that with God is where we all belong.

Out Of My Dreams You Are


Jo-El Gerber

Out of my dreams you are
So sweet, pretty, and kind by far
For you are the answers to my questions why
And, it is your love that I simply canít deny.

It is for you that my heart does beat
So strong and so very true
For with you no other could compete
Because I know that I really do love you.

Out of my dreams I face fate face to face
I know that now you are finally here
I have nothing to fear
For you could chase away my fear and dry my every tear

Out of my dreams, I face fate face to face
For your love is the fate of my heart
And when Iím with you it seems
Like I am within the Golden Gate

You are the answer
That my heart and soul search for
And now I found you
That is why I have become so strong and true

I never knew love until that day
That simple words was that you did say
We will be together
Weíll figure out a way

I know what I would ever do
If I were to ever lose or hurt you
My heart would surely be through
Because it had surely lost you.

Out of my dreams, Iíll share with you my world
For I donít have a whole bunch
To offer you but I know I love you very much
Each time we just reach out and touch.

I have made you a place in my heart
That only you can fill
For I hope we donít split apart
Because you mean to me a great deal.

I hope that you will never break my heart
Because without you my heart will part
For you are the only honest reasons
Why I stayed here throughout every despairing season.

I do not know where we will go from here
However, keep in mind with me you have nothing to fear
For I will let my shoulder be a pillow when you need to cry
And yet I will never ask you why.

Out of my dreams you are
To the answer of how far
My heart would go just to let you know
I donít ever want to let you go.

I had a vision of a love that was so strong
That you and I could never go wrong
For it was us that did so belong
With one another as we walk this road so long.

When I seen you in my dreams
Your face was of much beauty
That it surrounded me with brilliance
And simply put me in a trance.

Out of my dreams and into my life
Here you are and I no longer go through strife
You are some one who means so much to me
That I want us to forever be.

I want these moments to last forever
For I hope that you and I will always be together
I know not what the future may hold
However, what I do know is that I do not ever want to let you go.

No longer will I feel the sorrow
Standing in the pouring rain
Feeling like Iím going insane
For, there is no one left to blame.

Out of my dreams and into my life you brought
A love that was so very long sought
My love for you could not ever be bought or sold
For love is of feelings and not made of gold.

Now that you are here with me
I do not ever want to let you go
For you and I is whatís meant to be
Because you are the only fish in the sea for me.

Promises Are Made To Be Broken


Jo-El Gerber

There was a time so long ago
I believed in making promises
But though times have changed
I've learned everything, promises were made to be broken.

Promises, why must there be promises
When they are made to be broken
The distance between a man and a woman
Don't make promises they were made to be shattered.

Dream a dream with me
Pray, that we'll forever be
Just don't promis
That you will always be apart of my life and me.

Promises are made to be broken
That is what everyone says
Why must it be this way
Why does there have to be a night and day?



Jo-El Gerber

Ruthie, I know that I could never break your heart
For I hope that you and I never depart
Because I love you with all my heart
And I know you love me that much too.

Ruthie, I know how much feelings you have for me
All because of the feelings I feel for you
The feelings I feel for you are so strong and true
And by now you should know how much I do love you.

I never thought that I would find you
Because you treat me so very right
And I hope that youíll always hold me tight
For being with you is so wonderful tonight.

Ruthie, my Darling, my Sweetheart, and the receiver of my love
For all of these things you mean to me
For you are the reason I am here knowing within
Knowing within you are the only one I have ever loved this way.



Jo-El Gerber

Summer is near,
My love is there right by His side;
I hear His voice and touch the burning sun,
And oh my gosh I burned my hand;
Wherever I go He is there right by my side,
There are stages in our lives we don't know
What to do;
But what I do is set aside and let Him take my place,
Our lives were born of sinful deeds,
But Jesus was there and He washed
our sins away.



Jo-El Gerber

Stars at night, stars at day,
Stars; glistening in the empty sky;
Try to count the stars at night,
Remember...they are many or few.

Shooting or still what wondrous things,
Large or small what pretty things;
Try so hard to touch the stars,
Large or small what beautiful things.

Stars of age, stars of youth,
Always dancing as in a new beat;
Huge or tiny it doesn't really matter,
Cause their not out tonight.

Beyond Control


Jo-El Gerber

Like a knife, piercing the flesh to the heart and soul
I now know that the feelings I feel for you are beyond my control
I really know what exactly it is I have to do
And that is to tell you that I wanna grow old with you.

Days of which have gone by
I canít do nothing but sigh
Baby, I know it is something I cannot do
For that is walk away knowing that I love you.



Jo-El Gerber

Tears of sadness, tears of joy,
Tears in which are of many, and not of few;
Tears is some when I leave this place
I will miss indeed,
Tears are of sadness, and when we say goodbye.

Tears I will cry cause I miss you so,
So hard for me to say goodbye; to Jenny;
Tears in which I will cry when I say goodbye,
I will cry, Cause I care for you oh so much.

The Flower


Jo-El Gerber

The flower is of blooming beauty,
Flowers are beautiful just like she;
Flowers are of beauty, color in sight,
In the field, you'll find them right with the sun.

The flower is of beauty, but so is she,
Right by her side;i'm standing there;
Flowers are pretty, yet so are you,
She is of blooming beauty in my eyes.

The Ocean


Jo-El Gerber

The ocean runs over tide by tide,
The ocean goes over day by day, tide by tide;
There are days I dream of the ocean, and you,
The ocean is very magnificent in ones' eyes.

I dream of the ocean running through our feet,
The ocean is magnificent, and of beauty,
But not more than she;
She is of the sweetest flower in the valley,
In which I think of you every day and night.

The Rainbow


Jo-El Gerber

The rainbow is of colors many or few,
It consists of colors red, blue, green, and yellow;
The rainbow is one that is beautiful in ones eye,
The rainbow is pretty but so are you in this heart of mine.

You are beautiful in this heart of mine,
You are the one that is prettier than the rainbow;
I am here to tell the truth which I know,
Which is when I can smile and say you are prettier than all.

The Red Rose


Jo-El Gerber

The red rose is a symbol of love and passion,
Which I shall call you my red rose of beauty;
The red rose resembles beauty which is in you,
It has most color, and is beautiful in sight.

You are sweeter than the honey suckels,
And as beautiful as a red rose in late December;
You are yet the apple of my eye,
And is of most beauty just like the red rose.

It's Weird


Jo-El Gerber

It's weird the way you make me feel
For you mean to me a great deal
I don't understand why I feel this way
But, I hope with you I'll spend all night and day.

It's weird how all my dreams are coming true
But, then that must be all because of you
What more is some one like me to do
When I can't stop falling in love with you.

It's weird about how many times I think about you and I
Because I can't do anything except sigh
For the love I have for you I could never deny
And to you I could never say good-bye.

For the first time in my life I feel an attachment to you
And I don't know what more I can ever do
Because my heart for you beats true
That is why I want to forever be with you.

It's weird when I can only think about you
I just hope that we will always be true
Many people say there's many fish in the sea
But, you're the only fish in there for me.

It's weird when we can tell how each other are feeling
And I don't know how I fell in love with you
All I know is that you're all I've ever needed
Because I feel strong emotions only for you.

What Do We Do


Jo-El Gerber

What do we do?
Where do we go from here
Because I will always hold you dear
Because losing you has been more than I can bare.

I love you with all my heart
I hoped that we wouldn't have ever had to part
But, since we did..I don't know what to do
Because you will always have my heart.

I couldn't go on now even if I tried
I'm sorry but to my self I lied
For I said I could move on
But how wrong I was to think that.

Where Do I Go


Jo-El Gerber

Where do I go from here
I don't know what to do
Because I am so in love with you
I feel like I absolutely have no idea on what to do.

I feel I love you
And for that I will forever hold you
I just don't know
So, tell me please where do I go?

Though we've had our hard times
We'll forever remember the good
In everything that moves
I see and feel you deep within me.

There was a time when I thought I lost you forever
Then what do you know then we began again together
Baby, I don't know what to do
Because I could never stop loving you.

Heaven sent down an angel when I found you
You brought me up when I was down
You showed me how to care
When I had always fear.

I am in love with you
I don't know anymore what to do
I don't want to lose you
and baby believe me this is true.

I felt I was in heaven
With you by my side
I seen the pearly gates
When I looked into your beautiful eyes

You gave me inspiration
Baby this is just an invitation
Do you want to be with me
Forever together as happy as two can be?



Jo-El Gerber

Why is it that my heart breaks
What do I do if my soul aches
Why does the sun shine why does the moon glow
Tell me why or else I'm gonna say goodbye.

Why is that you won't say yes or no
Why must I always be standing in the pouring rain
Why, why, why, I just don't understand
Can someone please tell me who I am?



Jo-El Gerber

The wind is there, all around us dear,
Both the fast and the slow;
The wind is here, and everywhere,
Always in the wide blue sky.

The wind is always around us all,
Which is every where at the same time;
Wind is always here to stay,
Which is here all through the year.



Jo-El Gerber

Wisdom is knowing I'll be by your side forever,
Through thick or thin, for better or worse
I'll be there for you;
Wisdom is you knowing I love you so.

Wisdom is something you'll need in time,
In which is easy for you to find in your mind;
You are prettier than the rising and setting
Of the burning sun,
Which you'll see in time, and believe
And have faith in me.

Your Love


Jo-El Gerber

Your love is something that you give me
Every time I'm near you I can feel your love for me
Your love is something I don't ever want to lose
Because inside of my heart is where your love belongs.

Your love is something so wonderful
Something in which is just so lovely
Your love for me is something with abundance
An abundance of never ending love which is our love.

The Song


Jo-El Gerber

A song so big or so small,
Of words, many or few;
What wonderful songs,
Both have all the same base and beat.

Turn on the radio and there it is,
A song of Love, a song of Hurt;
With both the same beat,
The song is one that has most passion.

The song is wonderful,
Beautiful, and sweet;
Trying always to search,
To find a song on the radio.



Jo-El Gerber



One Wish


Jo-El Gerber

I wish I may I wish I might be the one to hold her tight
I'd treat her true, I'd treat her right
If only she'd be here to hold me tonight
she's not gone, she's not here
but always in my heart she is near
so I wish I may and I wish with all my might
that she'd be with me and make her happiness be my delight.

The First Day


Jo-El Gerber

I remember the first day I saw you
Looking so beautiful more beautiful than ever
Did I find it in my heart then
That I wanted to be with you when my life does end?

I know you've been hurt
But don't give up on me
Or the things you've so muched hope to find
You will if only you'd give me a chance to be called yours.

I'd bring down each and every star for you
If only you would want me too
There isn't anything that I wouldn't do
Just to be given one chance with you.

Why Not Me


Jo-El Gerber

Why not me when you dream at night
For I wish that I'd have the chance
To be with you and hold you tight
And show you a little romance.

Why not me when you close your eyes
Can't you see that with me
You won't find any kind of disguise
Because forever is what I want to be.

I've hoped and hoped
And still with all consequences I've failed to find
The one person who makes my life complete
I feel like in life I'm falling so far behind.

Why not me
Why can't you give me just one try
I'd always treat you true
And to you I won't ever lie.

I know you say you know the feeling
Of being alone and like no one cares and of being unloved
But, I know that all that will change
If only you'd give me the chance to love you and give you everything you need.

No one deserves to be alone
Nor treated like they aren't really anyone
But, look at me for once
And that's when you will see that I could be that someone for you.