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Lisa George


San Antonio, TX, US

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Their Place


Lisa George

As he pulled away from her for the third or was it, fourth kiss goodbye,
She held tight to the bedpost.

She knows that as he leaves, her world will begin to spin,
As the gravity of reality pulls her back to her everyday life.

Never the less she closes her eyes and holds on with all her might,
In hopes that she can stay just a moment longer.

This place she clings to is like no other, itís more like a place in time,
Where normal senses of sound touch and sight have no meaning.

Is it the music they hear or their hearts keeping time with their emotions?
They speak of many things, but both know not one word has to be spoken.

Bodies entwined together as one, then as though that were not enough touching, they reached out and touched each other's soul.

The flickering candle seduces them as a warm glow fills the room
As the flame dances wildly, they too begin their own dance.

No one leads, no one follows, they move together as one.
Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but always as one.

Their time grows short the dance must end.
Reality is knocking.
Till once again they can meet in their special place.
So being prisoners of time and space they kiss goodbye,