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Meg Gem


Sherman, IL, US

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Meg Gem

We all knew this day was coming.
Some let it come, others started running.

Graduation is right here right now.
All of us here have made it through somehow.

Our parents, relatives, and the WJHS faculty have watched us grow.
They will continue to watch us and eventually let us go.

We've had fun throughout the years.
We've shared some laughs, we've shared some tears.

Now we move on to higher goals.
The next fours years will stay in our minds and strenthen our souls.

High School is the next step before the long journey through our lives.
The first step for most of us was when we were just five.

Those years have gone by so fast.
When we thought we'd never pass.

We have all worked really hard to see this day.
Look out Williamsville High, we're coming your way!