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Judy Geduldig


Yreka, CA, US

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Cyber Love Con


Judy Geduldig

Met him online;
Cyberchats filled with flirts,
Clever, witty, no verbal dirt.

Sensing your vulnerability,
Seducing your mind
with pretty prose and
powerful poetry;
Keying into your neediness,
appealing through cyberspace
with a false, boyish tenderness.
Knowing your love, he sets
a tender trap of words.

He doesn't want a mother,
He doesn't want a date, but
where do his five kids go,
while you two relate?

Met in a chat room. . .
How real can this all be?
Who are you, really?
How real do you want
him to be?

Your marriage is crumbling;
you are moving out.
Will this 'voice' on the internet
really turn out?

Morning to Me


Judy Geduldig

I sit at the checkered
table as the sky
rises peach and blue,
sounds of slumber dot
the air full of promise.

The coffee pot ticks, clicks,
then beeps as my dogs
sleep like donuts at my
feet_day dawns and
possibilities abound.

Pen scratching private
thoughts for no one
to hear, pretty phrases
or angry shouts released
to paper prisons.

Time crawls as the quiet
morning energy ascends
into afternoon realities
of clothes to fold, places
to be_morning is done.