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Gary S. Gebert


Dorchester, WI, US

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The Dark Cage


Gary S. Gebert

Inside the walls, and down the stairs
I crept to hide from you
Believing no one could enter, or escape
no one could touch what I needed to keep close

Only to save myself, I would conclude
giving no thought to any other
Hearing the drip of the stagnant water
feeling the cold, musty air...Dead air

This place where no one ever knew existed
where the walls held back the feelings
Outside the walls, I give a false impression
one they feel comfortable with

But inside the cage, dispare and hurt
inside looms a dark myth that only I believe
And as you try to penetrate the wall
it only becomes higher, thicker, deeper

I scream a silent oath to myself
not to break the barrier that protects me
Deeper, I go in mute rememberance
thinking of how things use to be and discarding it immediately



Gary S. Gebert

It's in the night when I'm alone,
the wave of emotions
Even when they mean nothing to me
I can't help the feeling,
the deep, deep feelings

Do I have some unkown passion?
Can't I fulfill a kind of bliss?
It seems to matter in my slumbering

But as I wake
it becomes hard to relate
difficult to remember the thing that wakes me
But the feeling is there,
Like a evaporating fog from a darkened trail
One I must have walked a hundred times

If the answer is in the dream
Then why does it escape the very one who
longs for the answer?

The night seems so short
The days now so long
But the feelings still remain

Whether it be in memory or
more times than not
just a ghost, whom I see but can not touch
But still I long for the return
no matter how the pain may linger,
linger like the last ray of light of a darken moon

Perplexed as I may be
the dream is what I wish
If I could be there each night,
I would be in heaven, or would it be hell

As the night looms over my life,
I must believe that one day I will recieve an answer
If not tonight, then the next
I will never, though, release the key
I will keep it safe, in my dreams

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Forever Sleep


Gary S. Gebert

The warmth of heavy cover overshadows me
The moonless dark shines on my eyelids
My mind only grasping at the small things unknowing
As I escape my life

As if unearthed from a deep crypt
I groan at the daylight
The weight on my numb limbs answer back
With the weariness of my dreams

Day after day you strike me with your words
The warm blood of my feelings pours out
Empty once again of my self-worth
Feeling the crack of madness knock against the barricade

The armor is so heavy, so worn
Without it would be suicide, I ponder that
Was that the dream of Plath?
To expose ourselves to what we fear in life_or death?

In my head I play out our days
I open my compassion and essence to you in mime
I try to feel your impervious heart
And I find itís better to_forever sleep



Gary S. Gebert

Into a steamy hot pool
drenched with an action from yourself
up, down, all around

As I come up I bleed
a darkening of a once clear, pure mass
loosing my power and self

You control the motion
Youíre the master with the chain around the neck
and I submit to your motion

As the pool becomes stronger
I am weakened
until totally discarded by your thoughtless self

But somehow I bring you pleasure
as you consume my blood
until only residue remains

Somehow it seems just
with no one to answer back
dipped till there is no more want or need

am yours