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Hemant Gawande


Bhopal, India

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Hemant Gawande

The idea of a dream not mollifying

Yes, I have seen

Have felt, have experienced the agony

Taking the shape of a grave melancholy

That was not singular, or one time

But repetitive in frequency

I know how it hurts

For all the hopes are lost

There doesn't seem to be any prospect

Nor does any purpose of one's existence

What comes to the mind

Is to discontinue the present life

& take a new birth

For atleast in it, there's a hope

To be born endowed with

Faculties & resources

But acts of almighty are wicked

As he throws in some short-lived

success into your baggage

Wherein he lits again a ray of hope

& constructs a 'terra firma'

For the hitherto desolate beings

To shed their wretchedness,

Feel the gloriousness of life

Providing impetus to them to move ahead,

To be industrious, to work hard,

Chalk out avenues leaving the results on God