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Forrest C. Gary


Melbourne, FL, US

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In Payer and Meditation


Forrest C. Gary

In Prayer and Meditation

When I think I think of freedom
when I think of freedom
I think of the old west
untamed America
a fist full of dollas
the good, the bad, and the ugly
I think of freedom I think of my motherís old tribe of Comanche brave
dancing with fire in glorious pow wow

Bebopers smoking reefers, zoomin through time in their Caddies
like lightning penetrating the desert
wild old mustangs

When I think I think of peace
when I think of peace I think of young prince Siddhartha
under his bodhi tree
in spiritual combat with Mara
I think of Shaolin palm and Wu Tang sword
patiently protecting peace
I think of mountains, still and quiet
I think
of the patient mantis praying

When I think I think of love
When I think of love I think of red haired
Jesus of Nazareth
the Maitreya Buddha
I think of his crucifixion
Old Jacks crucifixion, my crucifixion, our crucifixion
alone and together
I think of people inlove and outlove
and the occasional beauty will dance in my mind
Iím still selfish for I want her real

When I think I think of wisdom
When I think of wisdom I think of olí Owen Gary
my grandfather
my own personal Lao Tzu
You can see that wisdom in face
physics in his face
old Japan in his face
from his navy travels to his college studies
You can see a peaceful end in him
" It doesnít really matter at this point, the damn sun will explode in a few thousand years ."
Heíd say this reassuring the futility of worry and unhappiness
I think of him truckin' to Georgia to see his gal
hummin' bluegrass and Bach
bangin' on the steering wheel like a kettle drum
of happy existence

When I think I think of courage
When I think of courage I think of New Ned Gary
my father an olí sailor like grandfather
who took a great leap forward out of drudgery
and late night shifts
with all judgmental eyes glaring him down
but armed with Zen in his mind and his reassurance
that he had every right to his own pursuit of happiness
A sacrifice Gautama would smile for
I smile for
I doubt he could of found a better way
Soon Iíll follow suit

Now when I think
of desire
and desire for desire
I admit
as of now
Iím drawing blanks<3