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Naiema D. Gardner


New York, NY, US

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Theme for English 7


Naiema D. Gardner

Who is that girl I see?
So familiar in many ways~
Mind boggling thoughts these days
Who could she be?
I think it's me...

Her reflection has changed
Childish innocence gone from her possesstion~
Life headed in a new direction
Ying and yang no longer range
The yang has over come at such a young age...

Once a good girl's gone bad, there's no going back
Exposure to the real world was the cause~
The effect great, with no pause
Can't get her life back on track
Proccessed drugs put into the mind strong as crack

Each time was like a test~
Loving the way her angelic nastiness made her by far the best
Reality soon turned into fiction
Conscience not working 'cause of constant friction

Sad-how a one time thing turned to her life's meaning
Too late to change, already invloved~
All she could do was keep up her charm
Getting calls constantly from people who fiending
Always planning the next time they'd be meeting

Over and over and over again
Can't stop til' they say it's the end
No control over who I am
They tell me come, I just say when

Busted in the game
Punished for wrong doing
Nothing is the same
Never-ending, boo-hooing...

Troubled, hurt, and getting no where
But they're still living without a care
After all bad acts, hope I mak it to HEAVEN
And that is my Theme for English 7