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Paul Gardiner


Bathgate, Scotland, UK

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The spiraling slide


Paul Gardiner

Spiralling spiralling down you go you hit a glitch back up you go
But on the way up you fall in a ditch yet another glitch
Back down you go this time not so far until you rebound and aim for that star
Back up you go almost there then you fall way way down there
Your further down than youíve ever been you scramble to break free
But we are all on this spiralling slide
We bounce up and down on the odd occasion we get our heads close to the top almost there but not enough bounce
We all scramble for the top but in the end most of us just drop
Down we go yet again how far this time can I climb again?
We fall we climb and work through time till the final day
When we just say I can go no further so lets just stay
And that my friend is the end of your life
Cause if you settle for less than your goals itís just not fun anymore
And you become a bore_