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Lindsay Gann


Keller, TX, US

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Lindsay Gann

I remembered you and all you'd done,
Putting thoughts inside my head.
But I never thought in a million years
someday that you'd be dead.

Your words; like ten foot waves,
My heart; a small row boat,
Crashing over my head,
I could not stay afloat.

Memories came flooding back
Like a river after a rain,
Water rushing over the banks
Drowning me in pain.

Your Fault


Lindsay Gann

You broke my heart, I didn't ask,
You let me doun and make me cry.

Physcial pain is no compare,
To knowing that you just don't care.

Maybe if you's just realize,
You caused all the tears in my eyes.

How dare you think that you could leave,
You left me here in my thoughts to grieve.

I know that it's not your fault at all,
When it comes to Him, it's His call.

Maybe He needs you more that I,
Someday I'll see you up in the sky.

I know you are safe up above
Just know that you always have my love.

Your Fault (II)


Lindsay Gann

Dedicated to S.G.

Cupping your hands you held my heart
Loving you from the very start.

You lied to me, You did it well,
I realized, my face went pale.

You turned on your heel quick with a start
And walked out the door along eith my heart.

Maybe it's better that you left me then,
Because I just souldn't ever win.

You gave me words byt not your heart,
I couldn't imagine us ever apart.

It's your loss, it's very clear,
You lost a good one for life my dear.

Your Fault (III)


Lindsay Gann

Dedicated to S.G. and J.P.

Maybe had I been more careful I could have avoided this.

Maybe if everyone was quiet the could hear me screaming,
always wishing I was dreaming.

Maybe I just need to try harder to forget you.

Maybe I don't want to forget you, maybe I want to remember
you, everything about you and everything I did with you.

Maybe I want to remember you without regrets, without
the pain in my head, and more importantly, in my heart.

Maybe had you not been so perfect and yet so
far from it.

Maybe I should just lay down and cry.

I don't have enough tears to wash away the pain you left
inside of me.

Maybe I should just curl up into a little ball and die.

Maybe you have already killed me.