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Jacily May Ganados


Puerto Princesa, Rio Tuba, Philippines

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Jacily May Ganados

I didn't know you would come my way
I didn't expect you would complete my day
I didn't expect for someone like you
And didn't expect I would met you

Every time I saw your face
I couldn’t explain what I feel
No one can explain what my smile mean
And no one can explain why my heart beats fast!

This feeling I felt for you nice guy
Is just a feeling of admiration
Not because of your cute and happy face
But because of your determination and hardwork.

I didn’t expect my wish would be granted
Someone who could be my inspiration
Someone who could be admired too
And someone who’s worth is the reason to live

You gave me the reasons to live
You gave me the reasons to strive hard
To focus and be inspired to my studies
And be what I want to be.

I thank you because I met someone like you
In my life you will always be here
Promising to keep the advices you taught
And never be thrown away!

I am thankful you came to my life
Who inspires me and accepted me the way I am
I will never forget you guy
And my admiration for you will never die.