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Lorena Gallego


Tucson, AZ, US

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Dear God...


Lorena Gallego

O'dear God, I need your help
I feel so lonely here by myself.

Things went wrong once again
I feel like you're my only friend.
As I sit here writing you this
letter. I am praying for you to
make it better.

I have failed one more time
I'm trying to live with without crying,
But how do you fix something
so wrong.

When you know that it will
take so long.

Please forgive me for what
I have done.

I really do realize my life has
just begun.

But if you protect me from
anymore pain then you
will not see me cry in the rain.

Only You


Lorena Gallego

It is only you who makes my heart beat
You made my life so very sweet
Only you can touch my heart
Even the times when we're apart

It is only you who loves me so
Making me never want to let go
Only you with the love you bring
Makes my heart want to sing

Only you can hold my hand
And take me to another land
Where there is peace and love so true
I only want to be with you.