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Gearoid O. Gallchobhair


Derry, Ireland

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Shamrock Seeds


Gearoid O. Gallchobhair

We hacked the stiff sods away

And stabbed the fanged and forked

Old roots of leather weeds

Choked beneath, in darkness lurked

No haven now of Shamrock Seeds.

No Crow, foot on worm, held sway,

April sun; scorched and work humoured

Found us at last in seed potato drills,

Every slug bug Robin Red breast rumoured

Perched on spade, baited breath,

In tangled doghair, twigs and leaves

A clutch of scaldies murmered.

Morning held us dew and all,

New storms in the wake of the hail

Unearthed broken clay pipes in the furrows

Weeds progress in armoured mail.