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Michelle Joy Gallagher


Sacramento, CA, US

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Michelle Joy Gallagher

You think you know me don't you?
You think you understand?
You try to comfort me
and Take hold of my cold hand.
Do you know what pain is?
Do you know this Wrath?
Do you see the hardship God has placed upon my path?
What would you know of sorrow?
All you have known is Fame.
The lines upon my face produce the roadmap of my shame.
You don't want to touch me
Unless you think they might
Place a ribbon upon your chest for doing what is right.
I used to have dreams too.
I'm cut, I'm bruised, I bleed
You raise your silver spoon to my mouth,
but it's your own hunger that you feed.
You stand upon your pedistal
and listen to their cries.
"You're an angel!, You're a saint!"
Do they know they're speaking lies?