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Naomi Gale


Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

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She Smiles


Naomi Gale

She smiles when things go wrong
She laughs to hide her pain
Perfectly painted, pasted in place
So hard to tell it's just a face
Nothing, it seems, can touch her
Nothing can make her cry
She is strong
So strong
Laughter even shines
In her big green eyes

Supposedly the window to the soul
Big green eyes full of smiles
Just like the rest of her
She is strong, so strong
Isn't she?
Or is it weakness to hide herself away?
Her truths, her secrets
Hidden so well behind a smile
And always the thought
The chant, the mantra echoes

Never stop smiling, never let go
Never let your true self show
Even the ones you hold most dear
Must never see your pain and fear
To show yourself will mean the end
So never cry, and never bend.

Who is she hurting?
Why does she do this?
Why can't she realise that people care
That people want to see her hurt
Not to turn against her
But to hold her close, and help her thru
She is strong, so strong
But just like everyone else
She is hurting, too.

I Wept


Naomi Gale

I have a memory.
A memory of a shadow
A shadow of an angel
Who stood by the bed
Of a dying man.
I felt her tears
And I wept.

I have a memory.
A memory of a dying man
And his last breaths
That rattled and bubbled
And forced their way thru
The liquid that filled his lungs.
His hand squeezed my fingers
And I felt his suffering
And I wept.

I have a memory.
A memory of a jolt
A jolt at the news
That his agony was over.
I felt his release
And I wept.

I have a memory.
A memory of a space
A space where an angel
Used to stand
By the bed of a dead man.
I felt her absence
And I wept.



Naomi Gale

Love letters
Hope letters
Written in ink
Signed in blood
Disappearing into the chasm
The yawning pit of the past

Love letters
Hope letters
Asking forgiveness
Begging release
For something
From something
Something I can only guess at

Love letters
Hope letters
Loving you forever
Hoping you are there
Missing you only
For the rest of my existence.