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Ilongo Fritz N Gale


Buea, Cameroon

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Shattered Continent


Ilongo Fritz N Gale

In union the first communion brought us to the land of no thirst.
Sprays of bliss were our watery blanket
Cooling all ardour of the salty betrayal.
The irridescent reflecting sun rays ignited our hearts' hearths to the heatless flames without passion
Highlighting the untold heights of ecstasy minus the debts of extenuation.
Suddenly though,the torrential undercurrents cut off the extremities of joy
Exposing the toy of our human attainment
Daring to glorify love in the arms of fragile detention
Lasting only for a hair's breadth on the bread of fast diminishing time and space.
Our only error being the terror of the separative circuit
Embracing none beyond ourselves.
We failed the test of universal love
The only crest without a heart wrenching trough.
In the inevitable backwash of the raging storms of condemnation
Our feeble hands part company
As on separate icebergs we float apart
even as we doubted the call to integrate all.