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Asian Gal


Karachi, Pakistan

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Asian Gal


It's a feeling of sorrow
When life seems hollow

It's a state of depression
When the soul feels oppression

It's when the eyes loose its glow
And time seems to pass very slowly

It's when the face looses its light
Sorrows and worries are in sight

It's a feeling of sadness
Along with it is madness

It's an emotion of grief
And this state is not brief

Its when the heart weeps for devotion
But no one helps to resolve this emotion

When life seems dull and gloomy
And one starts to fade in this melancholy

It's a sentiment of agony and endurance
When one goes through pain and sufferance

It seems as if the flowers have lost its charm
And painful memories bring harm

When one feels rejected
The soul feels dejected

It's when one feels disheartened
And as time passes miseries make the person down hearted

Life seems insignificant and meaningless
And everything seems immaterial and baseless

If a person doesn't understand the importance of life
This state ultimately leads to suicide
When a person goes through such motions
He has to get hold of the situations

One has to realize the significance of joy and pleasure
And learn that these memories are like treasure

One should understand that worries and sorrows are a part of life
And one should handle them carefully in order to survive

Because life is like a book
With chapters filled where ever you look
Chapters filled with tales
Tales when people succeed or fail

Thus one should play life as a game
Play without feeling any shame

Therefore one should not feel dreary when one fails
Because you can try to win this game