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Janet Gaines


Attalla, AL, US

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Lasting Love


Janet Gaines

There's nothing like a lasting love
to always light your way;
to fill your heart with gladness
each and every day.

There's nothing like a lasting love
to hold your heart in place;
to fill your eyes with happiness
and make you soft as lace.

There's nothing like a lasting love
to forever be with you;
to bring your face new light
and make your dreams come true.

There's nothing like a lasting love
to always hold you tight;
to make your head spin 'round
each and every night.

There's nothing like a lasting love
to keep your feet in flight;
to keep your heart a-flutter
holding you so tight.

There's nothing like a lasting love
I know you know it's true;
you and me together
'cause all I want is you.

Dark World


Janet Gaines

Blind eyes; dark skies.
Seeing eyes; darker skies.
Life's pages turning, tossing, whirling;
its book never-ending.

Naive blindness; seeing nothing.
Truth's vision; seeing everything.
Blind sight over naive truth;
the world's a dark place.

With Him


Janet Gaines

When I'm alone...
I walk the road, but get nowhere.
I sing the song, but no one hears.
I live the life, but do not Live.

When I'm with Him...
I walk the road, and make it home.
I sing the song, and people hear.
I live the life, and Live, I Live.

Trapped Inside


Janet Gaines

Years ago before my birth,
my mother's womb confined my soul.
For nine long months I wanted freed,
to see the world and just be me.

When I was born, and for 18 years,
my parent's house confined my soul.
For those long years I wanted freed,
to live life and just to breed.

Now I'm older and on my own,
free to live and free to roam.
Only one prison yet remains,
its walls so strong they bring me pains.

As for others they can't see; the prison confining
my soul is ME.

Trapped inside I wait for death,
its beauty and light down God's great path.
Only then will I be free;
to live His Life and just be me.