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Bridge Gaier


Dayton, OH, US

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When Dark Falls


Bridge Gaier

darkness has come
and i lay in my bed
aren't there suppose to be
sugar plums in my head?
i close my eyes and pray
just for one night
make it go away

in a blink of an eye
the horror returns
the fire from hell
a house that burns

within the window i see
a man beating a woman
the woman is me

in another window i see
a woman crying
cradeling her baby
the baby as pale as can be

all of a sudden a bright flash of light
i awake only to find it still night
covered in sweat
legs are week

i find a way to my computer
to find what i seek
an angel still waiting up for me

'another nightmare my dear?'

she says but no one can hear
i can only nod but she can't see
she understands by no response from me

'please my dear friend
go and see
a website for you
but not by me
words so sweet
they may help you sleep'

as i go to see what the talk is about
i see ancient words from a kind heart
a land not to far away
that at one point in time my dreams did sway

tears crawl down my face
i sit and wish i can see again
but most of all i need to say
i am so sorry my friend

i turn off the monitor and
crawl back into bed
will this time I have
sugar plums dancing in my head

A Moment in Time


Bridge Gaier

Grass so green
Flowers so bright
Two lovers smile
Life just feels right

Hands touch
Sparkle in eyes
No words spoken
They watch the ocean rise

Hearts filled with joy
Souls intertwined
Hands only touching
Contentment resting in their minds

The wind plays a lovely tune
They know it is a dream come true

He wipes a tear from her eye
Knowing what she is thinking
A moment in time

He kisses her soft lips
And holds her tight
No words yet spoken
Again they watch the ocean rise

He leans over and whispers in her ear
"I love you my dear"
And watches the wind blow her hair

In a blink of an eye
It all disappears
She walks alone
The beach that was once so dear

She feels the grass
And watches the flowers
She will never forget his smile

She remembers the touch of his hand
The sparkle in his eyes
The unspoken words
And how that ocean did rise

She still feels joy
Her heart still pounds
And contentment in her mind
Oh how their souls intertwined

She remembers those five words
And the wind that blew her hair
She whispers to herself
"I've never forgot you
Even after all these years"

As she turns and walks away
She can't help but smile
He know what she was thinking
It was a moment in time