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Elizabeth Gage


Killeen, TX, US

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Dreams Of Love


Elizabeth Gage

Touching you in my dreams
Feeling your heat
Love words whispered to me
My soul set free
I feel your breath caress my face
Opening my eyes
I cry
For no more am i in your warm embrace

I feel the tears
What do i fear
Was you real or just in my dream
Reaching out in the night
Emptied handed,i am scared
More than my sad heart can bare

Closeing my eyes
Smiling for i know in my dreams you will be there
Feeling your sweet love
With me you only share
Afraid of the daybreak
You seem to always fade away
Know this i will never stop till you are home
Here with me ,not at night in my thoughts
Never will i stop searching till i find you
Not in my dreams but real in my life never to be apart

written August 28,2001

Perfect Soulmate


Elizabeth Gage

Hand to hand
Cheeck to cheeck
Heart to heart
Body to body

Breathing deeply
Love in the air
Face to face
Lips to lips

Swaying in a warm embrace
Heart racing
Joined together
Two missing pieces
Finding the perfect match
True love blooms
Two kindred spirits
Two loving souls
Making the perfect soulmate

Depths Of My Soul


Elizabeth Gage

Take my hand
Let us walk the world together
Let everyone see
Its you and me
Within you lies the sun,the breeze
You are my inner peace

Needing you always by my side
You are my whole life
Warmed by a fire within
Your love sets me free
Loving you from the depths of my soul
My heart is now whole

Loves A Treasure


Elizabeth Gage

I have cried a river of tears from the pain
Try to dance with what life has handed me
There are days i swear i can fly
And dark desperate hours no one can see
Dont seem to matter how hard i try
My head in my hands i fall to my knees
Sometimes love is blind
And sometimes it sees
Sometimes its hard to find
It can drift through you like a breeze
You have to take it as it comes
It dont come easy
I have lain with love,awaken with lies
Its worth only the heart can measure
Take a look at whats inside
Thats when you will find your true treasure