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Anthony G


Cairns, Queensland, Australia

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Anthony G

All of my life i have wanted to be, happy in marriage with my best friend beside me?
Thinking i found it i chased her in haste, But all of my efforts were just a terrible waste?
She can't show her love to the man who most needs it, She can't show her love or make her man feel it?
So caught up in herself and in what she must have, she neglects her sweet love who she treats as her slave?
So selfish, so arrogant, so rude and conceited, i don't know how i allowed may heart to be deceited?
So with this regret i ponder my life, i guess there is nothing left but to leave my Bitch wife?
But living alone will make more sad, so therefore i must do something that really is bad?
I must end this life that i have now made, and join with my brother whose image has fade?
In the pull of the trigger i will end my final year, In the the pull of the trigger i will face my biggest fear?
Where will i be when i make in the morrow, How will i feel in the place they call sorrow?
I find it hard to think it will be worse, than having to live this life that is cursed?
So with my final breath i bid you goodnight, so i can now travel on that path with bright lights?
Remember me please as i am not really bad, i am just living a life that is lonely and sad?