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Lily G


Chicago, IL, US

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No One


Lily G

No one can see behind her phony smile.
The glow in her eyes seems so sincere.
No one looks behind the fake gleam
to see the process of the tears.
The tears that pour out
when isolated from the world.
No one digs deep down inside
to find that joyless,lonely girl.
Everyone laughs at her jokes,
yet ignores the real meaning.
No one knows she acts ludicrous
to keep herself from screaming.
They casually say "he's found another"
assuming her heart's normally beating,
not knowing their words cut like a dagger
through her heart that's repeatedly bleeding.
Poor girl she has to hide
the love that grows inside.
She doesn't want any pity
therefore she'll live a lie.
I feel I know her so well
as I carefully get nearer.
When I lean in to touch her face,
my hands hit the mirror...