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Hannah Furgeson


St. Catharines, ON, CA

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Hannah Furgeson

You hear about these things on the news all the time,
Another teenager dies what a surprise.

You never think it will happen to you
But when it does it canít be true

It feels like a dream when someone you love dies
But you never think a grown man would cry.

Tommy you said you would go unmissed
Tommy you were wrong you went hugged and kissed.

Tommy we love you Tommy we care
Tommy we saw your sister clutching your teddybear.

We can't even look at Brian without feeling like we want to cry.
He still can't believe that his friend had to die.

Sometimes he lies and says he doesn't cry
But everyone sees those tears in his eyes.

Tommy we love you we always will,
Tommy there are memories of you in our hearts we love you.