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Rebecca Fulaytar


Fairmont, WV, US

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Why Oh Why?


Rebecca Fulaytar

Why oh why is the sky so blue,
why not red or gray;
And those clouds,why are they so white,
I hope to know one day!

Why oh why is Autumn called Fall,
when the leaves turn brittle and red;
Why can't they stay attached to the trees,
instead of turning color,and looking so dead.

Just because,it's only just because,
it will always be,the way it always was.

The Race That Was


Rebecca Fulaytar

I must run faster to pass that girl now.
In my head is the ability to prevail.
As the spectators look on they go wow.
My legs keep moving as I run the trail.

There's a huge puddle and I make a leap.
She falls down hard and lands face in the mud.
I swiftly speed by like road runner meep meep.
She yelled in disgust you're not my bud.

I can see the finish line just ahead.
My heart pushes me when my head says stop.
I wish I could quit now and go to bed.
I will finish sweating like a wet mop.

Working hard with true guts I set the pace.
I surpassed my goals and won this race.