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Bonnie L. Fry


Larwill, IN, US

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Bonnie L. Fry

There was a little dog his name was Peter, his legs were short and his belly touched the ground.
When he walked he looked like a duck waddling around.

He had short black hair and long droopy ears.
He had big brown eyes that sometimes filled with tears.

He loved to eat you could tell, he was as fat as a butterball.
He waddled when he walked down the hall.

He loved to play catch with his favorite stuffed bear.
He played all day and didn't have a care.

Where's the Bear


Bonnie L. Fry

Peter, Peter you sure look funny with your tail wagging as you run around sniffing the ground.
I see your trying to track that old bear down.
Where did he go, behind the bush, under the tree?
He sure is hiding from you I see.
Peter, Peter can you find that old bear?
When you do shake him till he has no hair.

Dead Man Walking


Bonnie L. Fry

lost in sin and shame.
I was blind caught in
a pit of slime with no
one to blame.

But up from the grave
I arose when Christ my
Savior I met.
Now seated with Christ
in heaven my eternity in
Him is set.

A new creation in Christ
I have become alive for
ever more.
Come to Christ and live
He is the only Door.