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Bonnie L. Fry


Larwill, IN, US

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Bonnie L. Fry

Lord Jesus you sacrificed yourself for me when
you walked up Golgotha and hung upon the tree.
You the innocent Son of God paid my sin debt so
I from sin could be set free.

You suffered the pain humiliation and shame that
should have been mine.
The perfect Lamb of God you the Divine.

My God and Savior decent from above to be made in
the likeness of sinful mankind.
You came to give spiritual sight to those who are

I will never deserve the love you gave me the day
you set me free.
I will forever praise you and thank you for giving
sight to me.

Wondrous Grace


Bonnie L. Fry

Oh Lord my God I stand in awe
of your Wondrous Grace.
Your blood washes away all of
my sin it leaves no trace.

Though my sin was as scarlet now
it's washed white as snow.
When I come to you forgiveness to
receive your faithfulness to forgive
contuines to flow.

I will never understand why you loved
so much.
I will forever be thankful my heart you
did touch.

I praise you and thank you my Lord and
my God.
I will forever praise you and thank you
when my feet on heavenly soil trod.

Heavenly Father


Bonnie L. Fry

Heavenly Father whom reigns up above
I am so thankful you showed me your love.

You sent your Son to pay a debt I could
not pay.
I praise you and thank you every day.

My cold hard heart was far from you when
you reached down and touched my life.
Thank you Lord for saving my soul and giving
me new-life.

Born again a child of God.
I don't care if others do consider me odd.

Lord just help me to shine my light that others
might see your Son through me.
Forgive me Lord when I don't live only for thee.

Bottom of the Barrel


Bonnie L. Fry

Lord you reached down to the bottom of the
barrel and lifted me up from the mire and
Thank you for calling me and for giving me
the faith to come.

You touched my heart and washed it clean by
the blood of your Lamb and made me whole again.
Thank you Lord for taking away all the filthy

Lord you are the potter I am the clay mold me and
make me what you want me to be.
So I may share you with others that they too may see.

There are times I falter and fail and fall on my face.
At times I feel like to you I am a disgrace.

Lord lead guide and direct this child of yours and
forgive me when I sin.
Help me always to remember I have all the help I need
because I have the Holy Spirit living within.



Bonnie L. Fry

Indiana is the place I call home.
Where I live there are woods,lakes
and plenty of places to roam.

The fishing's great so is camping
we have chain of Lakes State Park
and Jelly Stone too.
If you like camping Indiana is surly
the place for you.

We have deer, rabbits and squirrels
They come right up into your yard to
eat and watching them is never a bore.

Fishing and camping well that's only a
We have Flea markets, Malls, Museums and
more there's plenty to do in this State of
mine and that's straight talk right from my

Summer Time


Bonnie L. Fry

I love to sit outside by a campfire day or night
watching the fire burn and smell the wood smoke as
it rolls heaven bound.
I love to set my tent up in the back yard and spend
the night camping with my grandkids,even if I do have
to sleep on the cold hard ground.

There's nothing like eating hot dogs cooked over the
open fire or toasting marshmellows a golden brown.
What could be more fun then stuffing them into your
mouth and wolfing them down?

Playing kick the can or hide and go seek by the moonlight
or fishing and swimming in the afternoon at the lake.
If you have never done it beleive me it's lots more fun
than bakng a cake.

You can have your TV and it's reruns too, you can even
go to a movie and pay a fee.
But I will take my backyard and all of it's fun, not
only is fun but it's free.

Out in the Garden


Bonnie L. Fry

Out in the garden in the hot summer's sun
pulling the weeds and tending the plants.
Hoping and praying they won't all be eaten
by the bugs and the ants.

The sun is shining down on my back, sweating
and sweating dying of thirst.
If I don't get a drink soon I think I might burst.

Oh Lord please let my garden grow big and produce a
huge crop.
Let it be soon because I am about ready to drop.

Here Lies my Youth


Bonnie L. Fry

Where did it go?
I looked high and I looked low.
I looked above and I looked below.

Have you seen it anywhere?
Someone must be hiding it and it ain't
How could they do that how do they dare!

Oh no! I found it I do declare.
I turned sixity and it's in this hole
way down there!

Hard Hearin'


Bonnie L. Fry

I think John and I are getting hard hearin'
What's that you say?
I said did you pay!
Am I talking to loud?
I didn't say anything about being proud.
Did you say hi?
I just give a sigh.
Who said?
You said.
Do you want to eat lunch?
I don't think it's very much.
Heard hearing I think it's very sad.
We better just go to bed before we both get mad!
What's that about Fred?



Bonnie L. Fry

We ate breakfast at Denny' the
food was mighty fine
I hope we eat lunch at one
further down the line

John had an omelet not green eggs
and ham
Served by a waitress whose name was Sam

Mom had a waffle it really was to much
She sure tried to eat a great big bunch

I had biscuits and gravy they really were
quite savory I'm sure once over my lips
they will be forever on my hips

The food at Denny's is really quite good
You should try it if you could.

Thirty - five Years


Bonnie L. Fry

Hello Hon,
Well our anniversary will soon be here and I can hardly think about it without a quite tear.
Thirty - five years and they haven't all been easy or the road always clear.
We have had our share of troubles and trials to boot.
I think there were times when neither one of us gave a hoot.
But we have hung tough and our love has grown strong and out weighed the storms.
We have both allowed the Lord to do His work in our lives that transforms.
I am so glad for the day we decided we would rather have a bad day together then a good day apart.
I believe that was the day we were able to truly touch each others heart.
John I want to thank you for the love that you have given me over the years and for being there for me through the thick and the thin.
Thank you for putting up with me even when I sin.
Your love means so much to me and so do you, the words that I write cannot even begin to convey the love that I feel for you.
I love you so much truly I do.

Oh Glory Be


Bonnie L. Fry

1 Cor. 15:55
Oh death where is your victory
Oh grave where is your sting
2 Cor.5:8
Absent from the body present with the Lord
Not one moment will I be in that coffin
No ~ Sir ~ E.
Just an empty body lying there is all you will see.

Up in heaven with my Lord am I giving Him glory for all
He's done.
He's the way, the truth, the life and God's Son.

Clothed in His righteousness my body of sinful flesh is
I am with my Lord where I belong praising Him for my new song.

So please don't cry I've been set free!
Praise the Lord oh glory be.

Sally LaRoo and Billy Joe Too


Bonnie L. Fry

Sally LaRoo was a cute little gal, she wore her brown hair with a cute little curl.
She liked to go out on the town, when she got going she could really dance and twirl.
She met this tough guy his name was Billy Joe.
You know the kind, the kid was from kokomo.
He was always in trouble but Sal didn't care.
She thought the cops were just being unfair.
They fell in love and wanted to get married but needed some money to carry then through.
Sal was a ritzy gal who liked fine things and Billy Joe knew she liked lots of money too.
They had a plan to rob the town's bank on Wednesday night after the place closed.
Billy Joe had a gun and as he was casing the place he saw the town sheriff whose name was Frank, Billy Joe froze.
Frank the town sheriff was a mean old coot.
Billy Joe had to be careful he knew old Frank would give him the boot.
Sally LaRoo was in the car watching for Billy Joe to come on the run.
She was hoping and praying their junk car would take them far so they could live high on the hog and have lots of fun.
But things don't always work out the way they ae planned.
Come hell or high water their plan was damned.
Frank saw Billy Joe and chased him down, shots rang out and Sally LaRoo knew, Billy Joe was dead and soon she would be too.
They buried the two in the center of town and on the tombstone it read:
Here lies Sally LaRoo and Billy Joe Too
The moral of the story my friend is this
Rob my bank you won't be missed
Here is the ground it you can kiss
Rob my bank and here you will lay
That's all Sheriff Frank has to say

I Had a Dream


Bonnie L. Fry

One night I had a dream, I dreamed I was standing on a cloud way up high in the air.
I wasn't alone my Lord and Savior was there.

The cloud went higher and higher, we pasted the sun, moon and stars.
I know we even pasted Juipter and Mars.

At last we stood before the Celestial gate the doors were opened wide.
I stood there with Jesus by my side.

He took my hand as we walked through the door.
We were in the heavenly city it was beautiful and I wanted to see more.

We walked down the streets of gold passed the tree of life.
I knew for me there would be no more sin and strife.

I saw the river of life it was crystal clear.
I saw you and others I knew and there was no fear.

As we walked we came to a throne on it the Father sat
I started to fear but Jesus said,"Do not fret."

He held out His hands as I heard Him say, "I brought her here it was for her I died and rose again her sin debt I did pay.
I knew I didn't deserve it but Jesus had made the way, because of Him I heard my Father say," She can stay."

When I woke up I knew it was a dream but one day when He calls me home my song will forever be I have come home, all things are past.
Eternity is here and it will forever last.

But until that time is here my dream will contuine to be,
very, very real for me.

A Letter from Home


Bonnie L. Fry

I just want to write and tell you that I am doing fine, the peace and beauty here surpasses all my dreams.
When I was still with you I knew God'd Word said, "eye has not seen nor ear has heard no mind conceived what God has prepared for them that love Him," and now I know by sight that what God say's He means.

I know the day you said your last good-bye to me was filled with tears and pain.
But God didn't promise us a rose garden without some growing pain.

So when you think about me just remember what I say I don't want you to think I didn't love you or that I didn't care
but one day here with Jesus is better than all my days down there.

My Lord and Savior said the death of His Saints is precious in His sight.
So when you think about me and you start to feel sad just remember where I am then everything will be all right.

I only hope and pray one day you will join me in this heavenly home and then we'll praise our Savior and our Father up above for all that they have done.
We will forever give them all the glory for the victory that they won.

Peter ~ My Brother's Dog


Bonnie L. Fry

Poor little Peter died the other day; I will surley miss him when he doesn't come to me and want to play.
No more playing catch or Peter find your bear, no more running around the yard with your fat little belly dragging on the ground like you didn't have a care.
You were a cute little dog who was as loving as you could be, it will be very sad when I come to brother Bob's that you won't be there, it doesn't seem fair.
But one day you got sick and your poor old body couldn't hold on, your heart just gave out and you passed away.
I believe that you are in heaven running and playing with some one up there.
Your playing with the little bears Bob laid in your grave, playing catch or Peter find your bear.
Your running around the Lord's front yard with your fat little belly dragging on the ground and you don't have a care.

David Lee


Bonnie L. Fry

David Lee you are so cute and ornery too and today I'm babysitting you.
You dumped all of your toys out on the floor if anyone comes they won't be able to get in the door.
You don't play with the toys just the box; prentending to be a hiding fox.
Believe you me I won't lie you have quite an imagination for your size.
I have had suckers red, yellow, white, and blue.
Some even had bubble gum inside too.
I ate so many I might cry; prentending is so much fun.
I think your better at it then anyone.

Old Glory


Bonnie L. Fry

You fly faithful and true.
Your bright colors are red,
white, and blue.

You fly for a Nation who says
in God we trust.
If we want to stand trust in
Him we must.

It's freedom you stand for and
freedom you earned.
Many gave their lives for but
many have spurned.

You remind me of another through
and through.
Your red tells me about his blood
shed for me and others too.

Your white tells me of his cleansing
The moment I come to him that very

Your blue tells me of his sadness too.
When people spurn his word and aren't

You fly high and free.
When we come to him we are free but
some don't see.

You are faithful and true.
Bilieve me he is too.

You won't fly forever.
But he will die never.

Your name is Old Glory you fly
faithful and true.
His name is Jesus trust in Him;
He will always love you.

What Can I Say


Bonnie L. Fry

What Can I say
What can I do
I know God loves
me and You.
I have tried to tell
you many times but you
make me feel like it is
a crime.
My heart is heavy because
I know with out Christ where
you will go.
Lord open their heart open
their ear give them a desire
about you to hear.
My heart felt prayer it's all
I can do is get down on my knees
and pray
Pray For You
John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.