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Daniel Frome


Leonardtown, MD, US

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nauseatingly lukewarm


Daniel Frome

under cold rocks
and jagged branches
he lay shivering and
gingerly touched the side
of his face where
the blood was
not quite dry yet
but sitcky and
nauseatingly lukewarm
to the touch

he had lost a shoe and
was sure the ankle was broke

no wallet
no keys
and dirt in his
hair where it
stuck to the
side of his face

when he wept
the tears
cut white tracks
down to his chin

reality invades my brain


Daniel Frome

sometimes its like
reality invades my brain
for a moment and i see with white eyes
the leaning towers of clarity
sharpness of sight
revealing minds truths

doorways of broken glass


Daniel Frome

we crawled from doorways of broken glass
and the light hurt
as it drove into my soul
i laughed when it penetrated
the flesh tingled where it touched
skin drawn up tight
making the hairs stand on end

earth machine


Daniel Frome

a rutted dust-road and
the mailbox gapes at you as if
you insulted it

there is always whites
strung arcross the windstring they
flap and flutter dancing
with the cool
pine breeze from
up the valley

fatcats strut
to barn cachets of
mewling hunger generations
unnoticed among the sweetsoft hay

chinking spider-legged
sprinkler pipes zagging that way and
zigging this way
exposing the intricate infrastructure
of our earth machine