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Elizabeth Friday


Nanaimo, BC, CA

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Wishful Thinking


Elizabeth Friday

Pain and fear had branded me a coward
I was no longer able to face the world
I was ready to give up on love
No longer did I believe in its strength
Then I met you and my heart smiled
I felt things I thought were gone forever
You showed me that there is still hope
You made me realize what I was missing
While held in your sweet embrace
I felt as if I could touch the sky
Never before had I felt so complete
Never, until I met you
So now I wait and think of you
Hoping with every breath that you feel the same
Perhaps this will be something amazing
Maybe, just maybe, I love you.

Long Distance Love


Elizabeth Friday

You have no idea do you
How much to me you mean
You've opened up my eyes to things
That before were never seen

You've reminded me of what it's like
To smile and laugh and feel
Emotions that I've locked away
Ignored, no matter how real

Every time I think of you
A smile comes upon my face
I remember the electricity that surged through me
While held in your embrace

No one has ever made me feel
As good as you do now
Though distance exists between us
We'll be together I know, somehow