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Heidi Renee Freeman


Columbus, OH, US

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You Still Live, Papa


Heidi Renee Freeman

I'll miss your voice...the way it moved through my ears.
So low and so strong, so caring and sincere.
I'll miss your hug...such strong and powerful arms.
So warm and so loving, so much class and charm.
Your soul is gone, but you're still around
though not your warm touch or your strong sound.
You left me a legacy to keep me strong.
I'll never forget it. You'll always live on.
How could I forget you, my inspiration and admiration?
You'll always live in my heart, your body is just vacant.
I know that you're with Him, and I know that you're "terrific!"
So I'll try to live by Him so one day I can see it.

A leader


Heidi Renee Freeman

You had a voice that was clear. A voice that was strong.
Your body's in heaven, but your spirit lives on.
You were a great leader. A good Christian man.
Your touch can't be with us, but your legacy still stands.
You believed in loyalty and justice. You were always true to give.
Your soul is away, but your ideas still live.
You were a model citizen. You strived for what you believed.
You voice can not be heard, but your life still breathes.
You'll always be remembered. The battle has not yet been won.
You fought it your hardest. Now we'll keep pushing on.