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As our civilization crumbles
We stand and watch it fall
All we do is curse and mumble
Does anyone care at all ?

We indulge in sloth and lust
But have a firm belief in greed
Is what our motto should read

Violence in our schools and streets
Violence in our homes
American Pie so sweet
Where has the sweet taste gone ?

Mediocrity is what we accept
Survival our only aim
As America grows more inept
We look to place the blame

Politicians are the ones to blame
That's what most would say
But let us count the turnout
When it came election day

We out number the politicians
Doesn't the majority rule ?
If we wish to improve conditions
Let us get rid of the "Fools"

Instead we go along with the crowd
The ignorant follow the inane
I say to you with my head bowed
"WE THE PEOPLE" are to blame

Redneck Valentine



I love you more
Than a chew or a dip
I love you more
Than a fishin trip

I love you more
Than a eight point buck
I love you more
Than my pickup truck

I love you more
Than turkey and dressin
I love you more
Than watchin wreslin

I love you as much
And I'm totally sincere
Every bit as much
As drinkin beer

I Had A Thought



I had a thought
Now its gone
Stolen from me
By demons unknown

They steal my thoughts
Disrupt my speech
Make goals I've sought
Seem out of reach

I know not why
They torture me
How I wish
They'd leave me be

Be gone you demons
Back to hell
No longer
In my mind to dwell

Back to hell
From whence you came
So once again
I may be sane.




Accept responsibility
In everything you do
Have faith in your ability
To thine own self be true

Let values be not forsaken
For goals that will be sought
Let errors be only taken
As lesson life has taught

In success or in failure
Whatever might be the case
Accept either's measure
With decorum and with grace

Do your very best each task
Have a firm belief in self
And never be ashamed to ask
For help from someone else

A Heart That Always Cares



It matters not, the sage advice
To our children we bestow
Tis often left, to a roll of the dice
As to the direction, they will go

Easily given to foolish whim
For this,there is no cure
The best we can do is console them
And hope that they'll mature

Of who and what, they will trust
They alone will decide
At times, they'll disappoint us
At others, we'll beam with pride

This one fact, we must accept
It is not our life, it is thier's
Let love for them, be safely kept
In a heart that always cares