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David Fraser


Nanoose Bay, BC, CA

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Beach Walk


David Fraser

A roar of waves
A cataract constancy
Whipped by a wind.
The ancient pines
Bend like taut bows
Strung and dancing.
Along the roll of dune
The grasses curl back
Upon themselves
Like tiny harps
Tuned and plucked
And plucked.
The waves release
Their sand upon
The reservoir of beach
Smoothing over
Humanity's footprint
Covering exposed stones
Cloaking over
Tenuous tenacious
Willow shoots
Gripping at the rock
Strewn low
Waterline this year.
The patterns of the beach
Mark all that is
From day to day;
The sand castles and the dykes
The canals
The little artificial lakes
Children create
On the sunny
Flat water days,
Gone in this wind
And roar of waves.
This cycles
year to year;
Low water now
A decade ago
The raging water reclaimed the dunes
Clutching at the century old
Roots of sheltered pines.
The horizon is the same
Cloud studded,
The water foaming
White in rolls
Across the bay.
The shore is slapped
The juts of pre-Cambrian
Granite now smoothed
Beside the limestone
Embedded with
Fossil forms
Alien vertebrates.
A huge chunk of
Tossed higher up
The beach
Rests like a
Fallen tooth
From some prehistoric

The Swirl


David Fraser

A mist rises
From noisy water
Cascading over
Centuries smoothed rock
Its taste cupped
Freezes the forehead.
A hawk hovers
A fan in candlelight
Sun flicker
On dried paper
Motion swirling
In motion, emotion
Outward, inward
Joined, inseparable
And light.
A pika peeks
Out from lichened rocks
Heaped and scraped
By glaciers
Its movement
Is timid lightening
Quickly gone.
The mist
Noisy water
Eternal rocks
Hawk in candlelight
Pike in lightening
Are all inside
And outside
Waiting in the swirl
Of everything.