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Michael Fraser


Weston-Super-Mare, England, UK

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The Daring of Dreams


Michael Fraser

I have stood on the edge
of the rolling abyss
have seen the feelings
shatter and twist.
Remained frozen in time
while life moved on
I don`t know what I did
that was always so wrong.

The wounds that opened
again and again
became livable with
if ignoring the pain.
The deeper retreat
into the deepest of me
gave no cause for hope
no reason to dream.

A short time ago you
entered my life
dragged me unwilling
toward the light.
I owe you so much
already it seems
for giving me back
belief in my dreams.

I don`t know how it
will all unfold
whether it`s meant or
be story untold.
But this much I know
is reason to be
you have given me back
the daring of dreams.

(For Diane Price)

The Dance (For Diane)


Michael Fraser

I want to hold you
so close and soft
I want to cup your
heart in my hands
I want to remain
under your embrace
I want to melt under
your skin
I want to rush
through your veins
I want you to
know this.

How? (For Diane)


Michael Fraser

The strangest of feelings
dog my tread
I`m sure I heard giggling
from inside my head
I can`t shake the feeling
of fate playing well
as it delights in making
me frightened as hell.

The lesser god`s game
of cosmic chess
being played out now,
not at my behest,
I seem to have control,
not at all
as I return to a
nervous age of before.

Mistakes I will make as
I stumble about
I don`t know when to whisper,
when to shout.
How you can love me
when I am like this?
Mind impaired lunatic,
talking gibberish.

Rigel 7


Michael Fraser

For so many years you`ve kept me company
as the autumnal chill began
I could count on your presence being above
me, as the winter ran.
One star of Orion you may be but it was
always you, I saw,
no other star ever came close, to filling
me with awe.
Those wishes I heaped on you, those hopes
you let me sow
have been answered in full measure.

I wanted you to know.



Michael Fraser

I stood on a hill at three in the morning
with the lights of the city far distant
above me spread the clear darkness of night
stars offered their white resistance.

It was so perfectly still, nothing intruded
into the tableau, below and above
I found myself needing to tell the stars
that what I had found, was my love.

Not love that was flimsy in nature nor love
that could ever be cast away
but love that would end the darkness of being
bearing me to, a brand new day.

So this I told them at three in the morning
in the crisp, coldness of surround
I knew they smiled within their twinkling
at the perfect love I had found.



Michael Fraser

The colours cascading
chasing and falling
into the deepest
of oceans.

A white light intense
dancing and flaring
into the furthest

The myriad kaleidescope
twisting and turning
into the fastest
of thoughts.

The beating heart drum
pounding and thumping
into the stillest
of nights.

A breath that is caught
stacatto and shallow
into the quaking
of being.

A pulse rushing over
quicker and quicker
into the reaches
of time.

The adrenaline rush
pouring and raging
into the speed
of light.

The exploding
The tensing
The churning
The wrenching...

The silence engulfing,
release entrancing
bearable calmness
of being.

Lexicon (for Diane)


Michael Fraser

When I talk to you I lose touch with
the common reality of life.
Instead, I wander through landscapes
that fill my mind.

I wish you could see the pictures unfold
I wish you could take them from here.
To understand what goes before every
word that I say.

I am stood beneath a waterfall,
of words cascading down.
I am drenched in their multitude,
too crazed to make the choice.

I run around like a man possessed
attempting to construct,
sentences that make the most of the
feelings that I have.

I pick them up, I fit them in
I discard them as not right.
I desperately search for a
better way to make you understand.

Sometimes I feel there is no way
of telling it like it is.
As if all the words in the world
can never say enough.



Michael Fraser

for Diane

the need
to see you again,
to speak to you again,
to smile with you again,
to hold your hand again,
to hug you again,
to kiss you again.