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Sean Frank


West Milford, NJ, US

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Regrets Shown


Sean Frank

Roaming around endlessly
To where everythingís bright enough to see
Covered instead in nothing great
Itís my life here thatís visible
A goal to reach
A chance to take

Here Iím all at once
An image to mock
And nothing shocking
Just another lost part of this confusion
Itís a regretful end to a lost conclusion

Traveling along concrete shaken and broke
From wanders trying to find someone to seek
Instead thereís no one here bold enough to speak
Just me and them and nothing in between
Just lost side roads where the sun shines
And an orange tint gleams

Here I see redemption that only lies a few miles ahead
But itís too long a journey
Instead Iíll settle into familiar infamy
Just them and me
Sharing communication of expressions known
Of lost dreams and regrets shown

Translucent Dreams


Sean Frank

Lost in translucent dreams of everyone and each other
Feeling coldness jump from person to person
Trying to hold back as my body shutters
Giving away to screams of frenzied callings
As everyone calls for themselves
Tempting to bring personalities through
Itís me Iím with and them too

Here smoke is dancing with motions motivated
By feelings of lost touch
Learning to keep hope for the hopeless
Hoping to bring flashes of life lived

Tonight everyone tells how they feel
No one is questioning
We are kings and queens
And to our majesty they must kneel

I am feeling something I rarely feel
That is of greatness away from failure
Failing to think of how my expressions may be conceived
Just letting them be them and me be me