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D. J. Franchetti


Norwich, CT, US

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Downsized (With Apologies to Edgar Allen Poe for Ripping Off His Style)


D. J. Franchetti

Each and every morning surely, we all work hard starting early
Trying to make profits from ideas that are so very poor.
Suddenly there came a tapping, on my cubicle heís rapping
Wondíring why heís not now napping, napping on his office floor.
Quothe the boss-man, "Thereís the door".

Sitting here on Casual Friday, in my mind Iím drinking my pay
Dreams of weekend hi-jinks in my mind and I canít wait Ďtil 4.
In one moment my mood sours, for my boss-man here now towers
My tears soon will come in showers as heís exercising powers
Saying to me "Thereís the door".

Summoning Security heís waving them to come to me
To walk me to my car and ban me from returning anymore.
If by chance I feel like fighting my departure, theyíll be writing
In my human resource record they will say "His skills are poor"
So Iím leaving, and Iím grieving not believing, and Iím sore
Because Iíve been shown the door.