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Mary Jessica Fowler


Warren, OH, US

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Mary Jessica Fowler

The sun was bright
when I lost my sight.

I was looking for you
but instead I got hit by a choo choo.

I flew 20 feet in the air
lost all of my hair.

It was a horrible sight
my eyes popped out from fright

it was all because of you
and that damn choo choo.

could things get any worse?
I think I have a curse.

cause it was standing right over there
you guessed it, a giant grizzle bear.

he was big and mean
a real eating machine.

be bit off my right ear
I can no longer see or hear.

it was all because of you
that I got hit by a choo choo.

now I am left all alone
boy would I would give for a phone.

I would call you just to say
I might not make it over today.

we will meet again another day
I'm not feeling so gay.

I was looking for you
and I ended up getting hit by a choo choo.