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Kevin R. Foust


San Antonio, TX, US

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One True Love


Kevin R. Foust

Ah, she was so beautiful when he picked her up that night
She was dressed in black and shined like diamonds in the light
They had waited so long for this night to arrive
And now it was here, and they were on a natural high
He started it slow and easy; he didnít want to rush
Gently he caressed her curves and almost melted at the touch
Her voice was like music soothing the savage beast
And when they embraced, they were consumed by passionís heat

She was older than he, but he did not mind
She was the one he had searched for all this time
He had picked her up when she was at her worst
He took her home and fell in love from the first
So he spent every spare minute and dollar on her
"Itís no use", they all said, "She is beyond all repair"
But his heart knew better and he pursued his dream
With a little love and some money, he made that Mustang gleam

From junkyard to showroom he had turned her around
And proudly showed her off with her first cruise though town
He loved to see the envy in everybodyís eyes
And loved to see the looks on the faces of passers-by
And that is the story of a boy and his car
Love at first sight in a lousy junk yard

The Journeyman


Kevin R. Foust

He has walked through the desert.
He has swam the rivers and lakes.
He has climbed the mountains
And slowly, but surely, he is walking
That last mile to find and end to his quest.

He knows this will be the last stop.
The last on his journey even if it is for nothing.
He knows he is dying of thirst,
Hunger, old age, and who knows what else.
But he will continue and finish
This last mile of his quest.

So far his life has been a wild goose chase.
Every task he accomplishes is ended
By the beginning of another.
When he is told by one man
That this is his final mission
Another tells him to go somewhere else.

Any other man would have been smart enough
To quit long ago.
But not him.
He who would go days without food, water, or sleep
To finish one trip.
No, quitting was never an option.

So, now he has made it to his final stop.
For thirty years he has searched for this without success.
Now, he approaches the man he is here to see.
The man who will tell him if he has been successful
And that he may claim his prize
Or if he has wasted three decades of his life.

He notices that the man is much older than the others were.
Just another sign of how long he has been on this journey.
Finally the old man speaks.
And as the journeyman hears the words,
He looks toward the heavens with a tear in his eye
And a smile on his face.
And with his dying breath he spoke,
"Either way, my journey is over, once and for all."

My Moment of Peace


Kevin R. Foust

I step outside to clear my head
The rain no longer falls down
A rainbow of blue, green, yellow, and red
Has brought peace and harmony all around

I take a breath and let it out
His promise was kept again
The earth is quiet and still for now
For a moment I am free of sin

My heart and soul have been recleansed
The world is fresh and new once more
A new attempt on life begins
It must get better thatn it was before

I notice my body is no longer sore
My feet don't feel like plates of lead
My soul has ceased it's internal war
The peaceful rainbow has cleared my head

Fair Warning


Kevin R. Foust

You would be wise not to cross me
I am a deadly foe
Iíll lash out with my flame
Iíll magnify your pain
And send you down below

You should really watch your step
I will not back down
Youíll learn to have respect
Iíll break your scrawny neck
And Iíll twist your soul around

These days, I have no mercy
I have no heart to feel
I have beaten better men
And cut them from within
Your fate is forever sealed

You know that I can do it
All Iíve said is true
Iíll make you bow down
And scream out loud
There is nothing I wonít do

So take heed to what I said
Donít think me to be a liar
I will rape your mind
I hate your kind
Youíll swim in my lake of fire