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Kim Marie Foster


Auckland, NZ

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Visions From My Heart


Kim Marie Foster

I once had a friend
I didn't know his name
Ionly know how he made me feel
You see i never felt the same
To go on now it seems so unjust
For what does it mean when you dont have trust
material things they may come they may go
But soul is far richer than you will ever know
Wise men can preach, rich men have power
But they are so poor as a lemon so sour
I'v learnt this i have through life i have known
That love conquors all lives have to be grown
Why i say this you as?
My answer i dont know
It comes from within
My feelings are thrown...
Out to the limits that life allows
I am only one human the sound from the bells
That echo out loud so crisp so clear
My feelings cry out i do i care
I start my story i may find it hard
But what must be told comes from my heart
A sad story unfolding will become your ears
Listen closely my friend more than you have in years
To see something shining so far you cant see
is how i know now you came to me
Clearer than the stars you can see in the night
You came before me "oh what a sight"
My heart spoke to me like never before
You had to be mine no less no more
You gazed at me i gazed at you
I felt we were meant for eachother through and through
The first time we joined to make one to be whole
I asked myself this question "am i ready for this role?"
You were not easy you were not hard
But boy my friend like a game which card?
The times that followed, they were up and they were down
Some when i would sit upon you grit my teeth and frown
Oh but the times when we really became one
Were the feelings that sank so deep penetrating like the sun
The wind rushing past me like the day on the beach
Was so beautiful and clear yet still out of reach
I felt that day like never before
Like a bird pegged down oh the bliss to sore...
Am i trust to you, i must know this you see
For what became of you, it was i it was me
I mean't no harm no pain for you
What you feel i know for i feel it to
I live now forever have i done right have i done wrong
I feel in my heart its ok your not gone
I speak now for before this day came around
Im sorry, forgive me a sound just a sound
Of my heart crying out i love you so much
I will never forget the feeling i got from your touch
You helped me feel good with myself and to others
You gave me more than i could ever wish for like to our mothers and fathers
That day you left me
I will never feel the same
I did not look at the shell that lay before me
For the pain i feel, i am to blame