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Steve J. Foster


Clinton, IA, US

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dedicated to vietnam vets


Steve J. Foster

The brave young men of the U.S.
Army, march on, whatís that guns
are shooting, the men hit the ground,
some ricocheted with bullets, one brave
man stays up firing, all the guns he has,
allowing his friends to find cover.

The enemy falls back, and the men of the
U.S. Army take a break, and honor those
who die.

The Generalsí send medals to the deceased
ones relatives, and to the ones who fought bravely. But the heroes donít care for medals
or want them displayed on a wall, they are
only happy for the ones the have kept alive
and feel sorrow for those who died.

After it was all over, the men who fought
received no praise, they returned home
to nothing from their country. People
donít praise them but disgrace them. The
men fought bravely and deserve honor.
They fought and saw their friends die,
or be wounded.

They will live with this forever in
their hearts and in their minds.

The men who fought bravely came home
donít want praise for themselves, but
for the men who fought and died, or
were disabled for our country.

One of these brave men may have been
related to you, I know one of those special
Veterans is related to me, for one of those
brave men is my DAD!

our dreams may never be


Steve J. Foster

I know at times it may seem I`m a million miles away
For all those times please know i am deeply,deeply sorry
my lack of ability to convey my true emotions hide forever my love for you,the love that will forever grow stronger deep in my heart.the heart that you captured when God sent me you
I know many times it seems that this simple man can`t understand all the pain and suffering you endure
I do try to comprehend though it may never seem that way
Just please understand we share that dream,the dream of a child,a child that would fill the empty void we both feel
Your not alone i too hurt,though tears may never fill my eyes.
I often let my anger push you away,the anger i feel only to myself for failing to be the man that you so richly deserve.
I so wish to kiss away every tear,the tears that i have caused to streak down your lovely face
Just know i will never forsake you or leave you for i do love, and need,and cherish you so much to do that
I would never want to change a minute an hour or a day for i am truly blessed to to have been given this time with you.
I know you deserve so much more than a few simple words,
But please know these words echo the feelings of love,the love that will never cease to be even if Our Dream may never be!