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Evon Charisse Forg


Louisville, KY, US

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why tell?


Evon Charisse Forg

Why do they tell us to tell? When home is really like hell.
Why do they say tell a friend? Or why do they say don't pretend? Why tell a teacher when they don't beleave?
Why do they do this if no one is retrieved?
Why tell a child to go tell a cop?
Why do they do this and it still don't stop?
I have done all of the above.Just to see if I could find real love. Why was it taken away from me as a child? Why did this happen it was not mild? As a child I was raped and
I told it got me nowhere but sent back home.



Evon Charisse Forg

I remember daddy's hands as he held them tight.
Comforting me from the long day of fright.
I remember my mother's handa to but not in the same way.
I remember mommy hitting me all day.
I remember wondering what I had done wrong?
I remember my dad singing me song's.
I remember him telling me it was not me.
He said mom had problems that's way she hates me.
I remember my dad coming home from work.
To find me and my brother were both being choked.
I remember wanting her love so strong.
I remember her leaving and staying gone lone.