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Michelle Foreman


Norfolk, VA, US

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As I Dream Upon a Star


Michelle Foreman

My eyes gaze upon a star
Incredible beauty and light
Considered a star dreamer
Heavenly gazing at night
Easily my eyes go into a daze
Letting my dreams sore
Luxury and wondrous stars
Ending not to be sighted in my eyes no more.

Remembering the beauty I saw
Exchanging my eyes with the stars
Not one shall take my memory away
Even if I travel far
Eventually I'll see my star again
Though I'm in my bed sleeping tight
With a big hug, and a hug to you
Oh, beautiful star in the night.

The Special Star


Michelle Foreman

As I sleep at night
I feel a tickle in my eyes.
I awaken slowly
And look at the beautiful sunrise.
All the stars are gone
Except for one.
It is the special star
God calls the sun.
It shares its wealth
By giving our world light,
And shares its warmth
Through day and night.
As the world falls asleep
The sun fall, too,
But before the sun leaves,
It kisses me and you.

A True Grandmother


Michelle Foreman

I would like to thank on this day
For being there and raising me in your own special way.

There is no place that I would ever find
A beautiful, petite grandmother like mine.

She picks you up when your down
And fills you up when she comes around.

She has the most remarkable face
That no one in this world could ever replace.

If you are in need, she would give you her last
Regardless of what you done, or how you made her feel in the past.

Even though you are sick, you still put on a smile
Dressed neat,hair slicked back,floating across the floor, your usual style.

And when I feel lonely, and unloved and feel my life is a waste
She says encouraging words that make you feel like any obstacle you can face.

I don't think on earth i'll never find another
Like Orice May Saunders, my true grandmother.



Michelle Foreman

If you ever know,
would it ever show?

If it didn't hurt,
would it ever work?

If you didn't apply,
would it ever fly?

If it wasn't real,
would you know the deal?

If it wasn't clear,
would you be able to hear?

If you didn't go through strife
would you make it through life?

I can't live without you


Michelle Foreman

There is nothing in this world that I could do that would,
Repay you for making a girl like me feel good.
I come over your house and get on your nerves,
But you always fill me with inspirational words.
You have gave so much support to my family lives,
To help support me so I can survive.
Your beautiful, big-boned, and you walk with a twist,
Saay, feisty with a powerful fist.
When we need you the most, you put in your part,
And I love you from the bottom of my heart.
So with a big hug and kiss to you I send,
My grandmother of the year, Vivian Foreman.