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Everett L. Foreman Jr.


Alamogordo, NM, US

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In Cool of Tranquil Desert Morn


Everett L. Foreman Jr.

In cool of tranquil desert morn,
I strolled with quiet stride;
Eos dreaming in the east,
Not yet called to rise.

The beautiful and sweet Selene;
With Endymoin she lay;
And in impassioned lovers light,
The stark expanse was bathed.

Mountains painted lovers’ hues,
Majestic and serene;
Millennia a witness of
This desolated scene.

The cool night air, stood motionless,
Silence; nothing stirred:
I felt alone, as though I were,
The only life on earth.

Then breaking silent solitude,
A lonely Whippoorwill;
Sang to Eos from its perch;
Awake! Hemera nears.

Disturbed from dreams of lovers’ arms;
With purple tints of light;
Fair Eos beckoned sweet Selene;
To leave her Endymoin.

And sweet Selene in sad regret;
Wooed her love to sleep;
Then cresting mountain silhouettes;
She bid her slow retreat.

Then sister sun, fair Helios;
Yet low, and dim, and tame;
Painted clouds ore’ mountain peaks;
In colors Eos made.

In subtle blues, and faded reds,
And bighted shades of orange;
This yesterdays’ tomorrow was;
In beauty being born.

From ancient time, this common site;
This breathless gallery;
Has never twinned with yesterday;
Nor shall tomorrow be.

With misty eyes, and heart seduced,
I felt divinely Awed;
A privileged witness to this site,
This Evidence of God.