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Eon Fontes-May


Nobleboro, ME, US

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the world's shortest horror story


Eon Fontes-May

i was
we were
driving you home at four a.m.,
i've become accustomed to trips
like these at
odd hours of the day.
we had slept in the same bed
but not together, bodies
but not touching each other.
i had promised not to lay a hand on you
and you, goddamn it,
held me to that.
when we woke it
was still unofficially night and i dressed
up in black in the dark so
i could disappear.
on the road, there isn't a single
other car
or even a lit window.
i began to pretend, like i always do,
that there is no one left
on earth but you and i
we were
running out of things to
tell each other about life in general, so then:


you trudged inside your own
castle to
sleep as the sun woke up,
then my hermit's isolationist dream
shattered/tore/crumpled around me.
i drove home somehow knowing that
the last two people on earth could
never live
this way.

curvature of the spine


Eon Fontes-May

last night i swear
to god i had to do it.
stick it
down your throat to shut you up
i don't want to talk
we both
know what will be said and frankly,
i don't think you want that.
i hate it when you
look at me that way i need
a blindfold: let's get kinky
just to shut you up. once
i start talking i never
stop until it is fucking over.
fucking over
everyone, it doesn't
matter to me anymore, i'm

so. your parents are out of town
and you can stay at my place. that's
like a movie i feel it like a
movie: i just don't care
enough to keep you quiet
shut up for the love of god you'll
break something important. like i said,
it doesn't really matter to me-
my apartment or not, i can
drive away. i've
got other places i can stay, people
who care about me
i can leave you
trembling on the floor (i don't sleep
on a bed, it's
better for my scoleosis).
i could be out of here in a flash,
long gone and
wallowing in luck. so
be quiet and lie down
we can melt into one
another again and
again, i don't need
to sleep. i know i
told you lots of things, but
that's one promise
i can't promise
to keep.