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C. A. Folini


Bs As, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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C. A. Folini

Yo era un solitario acompañado
por todo lo que encontraba.
Tú eras una acompañada,
solitaria en medio de todo.

Yo te quise mucho,
y tú me quisiste mucho.
Pero yo me sentí acompañado
por tu soledad,
y tú te sentiste sola
en mi compañía.

Un día me tuve que ir,
y tú te tuviste que quedar.
Hoy llevo tu recuerdo
que me llena de lagrimas el alma,
y tú llevas mi recuerdo
con una aceptación que me hace llorar.



C. A. Folini

I was a lonely man
always in the company
of anything I found.
You were a lonely woman
who always felt alone
in the center of everything.

I loved you so very much.
And you also loved me so very much.
But I felt very deeply
the company of your solitude.
And you felt very deeply
your loneliness in my company.

One day, I had to leave,
and you had to stay behind.
Today, I carry on with our memory
that fills with large tears
many corners of my soul.
And you also carry on with our memory
immersed in that old acceptance
that so often makes me weep.