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Derrick Flournoy


Merced, CA, US

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The Depths Of Love , And Greatest Of All


Derrick Flournoy

My love, I travel near to far.
I've moved, as time would let me,
To prove my love. There was nothing to stop
Me, I became trouble. Love didn't wait.
I gave way; that love would come again.
In silents, I yelled to my love.
I became broken, but my love continue.
As a rock, on the shores of time, I waited.
The waves became, then I became moved.
For I thought. You knew the greatest of love.
I vanish; love was not in depth to say:
Oh, how I love thee. But, one, is of great.
For I cried. In the deepest of pain; I found a love
A love, greater than your's and mine's.
For I was lifted, as a fish came by.
For, where I had laid , as, if I had died;
This was love lifting me. This love I found
Was greater than your's and mine's.
This love came from above. Oh, how great thy love
Is for me and you.



Derrick Flournoy

Born not in a manger, but in a world in danger.
Living in a land of a stranger to estrange you,
Who has no Ranger for any in danger? Only
Strangers and rangers to make danger. Dark
Child screams! Who knows no danger and fears no stranger.
Who sees not; in the land of a stranger, and that light shines.
Who sees no danger and rangers, who are like hangers and danglers?
That are not far from you; that you seek not to believe.
Dark Child screams! From where you are. In the
Darkness, among the star and to know that you are
Never far from the Bright and Morning Star.

Dark Child, in danger of darkness.
Yearn and learn where you are;
That you know not in which you seek
The twinkle of the Bright and Morning Star,
Dark Child, itís never too far, the Bright and Morning Star,
Who never wonder where you are.

Twinkle, twinkle, Bright and Morning Star. Dark Child screams!
Yearning to Wonder where you are; he wonders in the dark,
Never knowing your not far, for none in the dark,
Because youíre the Bright and Morning Star!

Dark Child screams! Twinkle, twinkle, Bright and Morning Star;
That a child like me may know who you are, shine that they may
See you from any other star. Bright and Morning Star, how I wonder
Where you are? Twinkle, twinkle, that ever child like me
Can be where you are.

Dark Child yearns so; that light will be in every child, my Bright and Morning Star.
Dark Child screams! That none knows what it means when no one knows
Where you are. Bright and Morning Star knows Dark Child screams to be redeemed.