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Clint From Flint


Flint, MI, US

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Black as I am!


Clint From Flint

Black as I am,the original man, the most beautiful of all men,

All men came from me therefore I am life

I am a blackman, a strong blackman

But I pale in comparison to my black sistas

Black as I am, I have a story that no one else can tell

Of ships, devils,rapists, and killers

I am African, I am a wise young black African

With only hope to achieve the wisdom of my rich ancestors

Black as I am, I was loved by lying lips

And despised by bloodless hearts, but still I rise

I am a proud man, a strong rich blackman

No earthly man can ever hope to compare

Black as I am, I am a blackman, a strong blackman

But I pale in comparison to my black sistas

Clint From Flint

Who Am I?


Clint From Flint

African, colored, slave, nigga, indentured, sharecropper, tenant farmer, coon, problem-people, nameless, half-breed, blacky, afro-american, negro, African American, black, minority, invisible man, disadvantaged, second-class, savage, devil- like, criminal, habitual, convict, thug, thugette, pimp, player, hustler, gangsta, muslim, Christian, black king, black queen, black fiend, uncle tom, sell-out, soft, hard, my nigga, yo nigga, house nigga, field nigga, what's up my nigga, that's my nigga, ain't shit, the shit, all that, none of that, homeboy, dog, homie, soldier, my guy, my boy, fool, lazy, weak, animal, beast, strong, worthless, worthy, cuz, kinfolk, hero, my boo, yo boo, hero, zero, my people, the first, just a buck, stupid, fascinating, fast escaping, po' baby, tar baby, street pharmacist, entrepro-negroe, god's child!

It's not what you call me, but what I answer to!

Who Are you?