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Nathan Flinchum


Viewtown, VA, US

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writing you


Nathan Flinchum

i dreamed you were my poem,
my one that formed
from jumbled ideas,
swarming like bees
through my head.

while feeding from
the night's
sweet and dark umbilicus,
i shot awake.
bursting from my chamber,
pen hurtling,
ink racing to keep up,
i wrote.
hand growing hot and sore,
crusty eyes
now wet with tears.

you are my poem,
words that do not symbolize
my love,
but are.



Nathan Flinchum

Gate creaks on bronze rust hinges,
work begins.
Destroy the green with acid,
harsh indigo liquid,
that will bite hands,
make them red.
It kills the new life
but not the old,
like the browning,
sun-cooked bird,
aleftover from a thunderstorm
or blustery gale.
Roaring crackle
of thick canvas
vaccuum hose.
The last bit is swept away.

" it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be..."