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Worcester, MA, US

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Echoing breaks
Hearts standstill
Empires swell
Armies swirl
Chilling atmosphere
Disappearing silence
Death unfurls
Beneath morning feet




As I reflect upon my own life
I often think about our race.

People are common in some ways
and differ in ticklish directive phases.

During the time I spend living
my intent is to continue giving.

Aware of what matters
and self taught with non-stop.

I enjoy talking with people,
how I learn from each individual.

I still cannot accept the truth,
you know- the one about race.

Am I shaping it behind a face?

Can you hear me now?

What race are you?

How can that be true?

I am of the Humankind
like all the rest of my mates.
Yet, much still place labels
with too many words of hate.

Pure with faith,
but my heart
quakes from the sound of unnecessary debates.