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Aimee Fletcher


Tom Bean, TX, US

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Forbidden Love


Aimee Fletcher

Quietly, in the distance,
I hear the Amtrak train.
Sitting here, thinking,
we need to get away.

Years of fantasizing,
What if it was me?

Hidden flirtations all the time,
a quick brush of the arm.
In the meantime,
the "other" is right there.

Conversing about what could have been,
hoping for what could be now.
Exchanging thoughts and plans,
while trying not to get caught.

Finding ways to be together,
odd jobs here and there.
Catching any moment,
that we can share.

Holding each other close,
caressing one another.
Lips touching so softly,
like the morning dew on a rose.

Heat, passion
it's definitely there.
To speak of it,
Thou Shalt Dare!

To be together all the time,
not just occasionally,
So difficult to do,
I see a Scarlet "A".

Knowing we feel the same
throughout the years that passed.
To reveal such things to each other,
our emotions have gone awry.

The tenderness of his embrace,
always on my mind.
While keeping my cool around "her"
daunting task it is.

To pursue anything beyond
is something wonderful to revere.
Knowing it won't be nothing more
hard to keep from unraveling.

Whether it's love, spite or magnetism,
he knows how I feel about him.
And to know he feels the same for me,
intricacy, complexity, and adoration.

The Hunt


Aimee Fletcher

lying, waiting

holding my own

peering, focusing

waiting for a move

wind bustling the grass

hair flowing free

blending with shadows

watching my prey

going about business

unexpected unknown

lying, waiting

holding my own

make my move

delicately, steady

fear stricken prey

scatter, gallop

leaping, running

chasing others away

no prayer in hell

weak going down

clawing, biting

fragile bodies fall

focus turns red

life goes black

gnawing, shredding

feast abound

in the distance

more prey to be found

Meet Me In The Stars


Aimee Fletcher

As I sit here looking out the window
All I see are shadows
Shadows of what I do not know

The train is off blowing in the distance
Passengers on board for places to go
Destinations I wonder but do not know

My heart belongs many miles away
Meet me in the stars I say
What to do I do not know

As I sit here looking out the window
My mind is wandering
Where it is going I do not know

The train has now passed
The passengers are gone too
What are they doing I do not know

The sun is casting such a brilliant glow
My heart is feeling love and warmth
Why am I feeling this way I do not know

My heart belongs many miles away
Meet me in the stars I say
For I am traveling the many miles
Meet me in the stars I wonít have to say

Will my heart be filled with joy
Or will it be filled with heaviness
This I do not know but willing to face

Tho many miles I will have to travel
To see the brilliance of the sunís glow
What lies ahead of me I do not know

After traveling the many miles ahead
I hope to know this
That meet me in the stars with the sunís glow
A feeling I have will be a feeling Iíll never let go

Garden of Eden


Aimee Fletcher

Sitting in the shadows
Watching the world go by
Wanting to touch you
With every inch of my soul

Our bodies entwined
Like English ivy
Caressing each other
Ever so gently

Bare to the world
Without a care
Lost in the moment
We do dare

Intimate thoughts
Flooding our minds
Hard to concentrate
On our lives

Passionately grasping
One another
As our lips touch
With a quiver

Emotions running high
Sweat begins to form
Outside noises have
Just about gone

Lunging together
Towards an unknown path
Feels very familiar
And yet content

Wrapping each other
Skin to skin
Two bodies together
Moving as one

Fluid retention
Fading away
Sounds of breathe
Fill the air

Temperature rising
Longing for more
Of whatíll never be

Clothing on the floor
In a disarray
As we gather our thoughts
And bid ourselves good day



Aimee Fletcher

why forsake me as thy enemy
look upon me with fright
for i keep thou close and tight

behold thy embraceable power
venture off and thoust shall be
scorned by the scorpion

look down they path behind
black white gray
heads warning towards what may

the power of voice unimaginable
abuse thy gifts of invitation
endure thy wrath before you

be still, obedient, and trite
for thou may try and fight
endure the power of the scorpion
thy thus understand spite