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Debbie Fleming


Concord, AR, US

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Debbie Fleming

Life is not always a bed full of roses
Sometimes a few surprizes come along the way
Do not weep or cry
Try your best and succeed
Do not be angry
Do not question the reason
Always make the best of the situation
The devils advocate is always watching and waiting
He wants to destroy and tear down
We must tear him down first in little pieces
With gods hand upon us we can be stronger than the devil

Where is Ed?


Debbie Fleming

Quick call 9-1-1
Where oh where is Ed?
Is he sick in bed?
Has he fed his dog?
Has he read the newspaper today?

The latest news of the Batesville guard Ed listed as missing
With a twisted missing link
Without a wink
As I think why I have not heard from Ed
It occurs to me
Without a blink
The most logical reaction
Ed is far to busy
No time witout a dime to spare
No time for relaxing
No time for TLC from the little woman
No crimes to commit
My conclusion in all of this is
Without a trace
No other place you can be except
Workaholic anonymous.