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Matthew Fitzpatrick


Satellite Beach, FL, US

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Shut up


Matthew Fitzpatrick

You play gitaur, you play it well
I just brought your C.D.
and if you keep playing your guitar
thats good enough for me.
I donít share your views on life.
I donít want your advice.
Just play me your best blues rift.
and Iíll listen to it twice.

Your a gifted teacher,
I learned allot from you.
Each day I leave your classroom,
Learning something new.
You help me understand these books,
Thats quite a gift to give.
But that does not qualify you
to tell me how to live.

I saw you in a movie,
I thought that you were great.
I saw the movie once again,
this time I took a date.
Now you are the governor.
this really makes me sick.
I need some entertainment,
Please make another flick.

I read your latest novel,
and it was really great.
You are the worlds best Author,
theres really no debate.
You know I donít really care
how you view society.
Just pick up your favorite pen,
and write a book for me.

My father was a working man,
he had no degree.
He worked himself to death,
and he did it just for me.
He never ever lied to me.
he taught me wrong from right.
He taught me to be honest
and to say my prayers at night.

So when I have a problem
and donít know what to do.
I turn to the Father,
and pay no mind to you.